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In 2017, Photokina's organizers announced the world's largest trade fair would 'reposition' itself an annual event starting in 2018 and subsequently announced that after this year's Photokina, which took place in September, the event would be moved... more

Samsung has again been caught using an image captured with a DSLR to advertise its mobile camera capabilities. The discovery was recently detailed on DIY Photography by writer and photographer Dunja Djudjic, who took the image and made it available for sale... more

While scanning through my Facebook feed, I saw that my friend Ruby had shared some pictures of a party, all taken on Kodak Ultramax. One of her friends, however, pointed out something that I had never thought of…

Ruby is a vegan, and film is not a vegan product. Film is made of gelatin, which, as you may know, is a product of animal... more

Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is out with a new highly-acclaimed World War I documentary titled They Shall Not Grow Old. Here’s a 5-minute look at how Jackson... more

When it comes to online educational content, there arent many photographers out there willing to share their mistakes when trying to create a photo. I think its fair to say that there are easily far more who only share their best work online and for good reason; as educators, you want to create an image of a photographer who makes little to no mistakes at all.

However, I also believe this to have created an unintentional misconception among aspiring newcomers to the photo... more

Photokina announced in 2017 that starting in 2018, the previously biennial photography trade fair — the largest in the world — would become an annual event. The event is also moving from September to May... more

Image provided by Lensrentals

As it does every year, Lensrentals has released the numbers behind the most popular gear it saw rented out through 2018. In a... more

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has been teasing its upcoming Vivo NEX 2 flagship model on its own website and Youtube and it looks like the new model will introduce an interesting new concept... more

“The Possession Of Hannah Grace” is a new Hollywood thriller that hit theaters at the end of November 2018. What most theatergoers won’t know is that it’s the first Hollywood feature film shot start-to-finish on a full-frame mirrorless camera, the... more