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I’m going to do one of my end-of-year assessments a little earlier this year. Many of you will be struggling with buying decisions this holiday season because of all the higher-end mirrorless cameras that appeared in and around Photokina. I’ve now had the chance to use virtually every new camerasome for less time than others, obviouslyand I am ready to deliver a quick assessment of The State of the ILC.

Full Frame

This is where all the hoopla has been lately, first... more

Leica today announced the Leica Q-P, a camera the company calls an “artful statement of understatement.” It’s essentially a Leica Q that has had the red dot removed.

The full-frame compact camera boasts a “stealthy yet elegant” matte black body with a clean and minimalist front face. The Leica branding has been... more

Cinemartin has announced the launch of Fran LT, Fran (STD), and Fran Plus, three new 8K camera models offered at introductory prices until December 31, 2019. The company also plans to start shipping a new line of ultra-high brightness 2500 nit 7" HDMI+SDI monitors by the end of the month.

The Fran LT is the lineup's introductory model, featuring a 24MP sensor, maximum 7920 x 3024 resolution, and aluminum chassis. The mid-tier Fran (STD) is more... more

Leica has announced its latest camera, the Leica Q-P. Deemed "an artful statement of understatement," the Leica Q-P is essentially the Leica Q camera wrapped inside a more discreet, subdued frame.

Much like the Leica M10-P, a higher-priced and more toned down version of the M10, the Leica Q-P drops the iconic red dot in exchange for a classic Leica script engraving on the top plate of the... more

We've published the first three of our new Lens Buying Guides, covering Canon and Nikon DSLRs, as well as Sony mirrorless cameras. We've started with these three as they're the most sought-after, and we hope to expand it to other systems soon.

In each guide we've chosen the best standard zoom, prime, macro, telephoto, wide-angle and travel zoom lenses - there's a quick primer on these lens types at the bottom of this page if you're not familiar with them. The... more

Fotolia, a stock photography platform acquired by Adobe in January 2015 for $800 million cash, has announced via email that it's now fully integrated with Adobe Stock and its website will officially close exactly a year from today on November 5, 2019.

On Fotolia's... more

Shimoda has launched its new Explore 30 Daypack, a multi-use backpack for photographers, filmmakers, and others. The bag features the same gear carrying capacity as the original Explore 40 pack despite a shorter profile, according to the company. As well, the... more

Professional mountain photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin has worked on all seven continents, in some of the most remote places on earth. A hugely experienced climber, Chin has had more than his fair share of brushes with disaster in the mountains, where every ounce of weight counts when it comes to getting great shots - and getting down in one piece.

Jimmy Chin's current film 'Free Solo... more

Photographer Chris Engman is one of his landscape photos at a large scale in an unusual way: instead of showing it as a 2D print, Engman transformed a room into his photo by covering the wall, ceilings, and floors... more

Photographer and filmmaker Max Yuryev just did a shootout to see how top mirrorless cameras compare in shooting 4K footage in low light with high ISO. In the 10-minute video above,... more