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Here’s a deal alert that’s exclusive to PetaPixel readers: you can currently receive an extra 30% off a number of Neewer photography products on Amazon using special discount codes.

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If you’re an aerial photographer who’s frustrated with the maximum flight times of the latest drones, you might want to keep an eye on the startup company Impossible Aerospace. It has developed a drone... more

X-Rite has announced the ColorChecker Video XL, a huge color balance reference target that’s designed for long-distance, wide-angle, and/or... more

Hands-on with new Fujifilm 200mm F2 and 8-16mm F2.8

Fujifilm is having a busy summer (we're not ready to start calling early September 'autumn' yet), announcing two lenses and the brand new X-T3. The... more

The Getty family is working to regain control of stock photo agency Getty Images, according to multiple reports published late last week. Sources claimed to Financial Times that the Getty family is working to buy back Carlyle Group's 51% equity stake, which it acquired six years ago.

Though the terms of the deal haven't been officially revealed, FT claims the Getty family is paying... more

Adobe Photoshop’s Content-Aware Fill is a powerful way to remove portions of photos, but its results can fall short and it doesn’t have tools for customizing the results. But that’s about to change: it will soon receive a huge upgrade with its own workspace and tools, and the 2-minute video above is a Sneak Peek at what’s coming soon.

Content-Aware Fill is currently found in a simple dialog box with only a few things you can adjust:

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Easy accessibility in your pocket and ultimate portability are a smartphone's main advantages over dedicated digital cameras. However, if you're the kind of mobile photographer who likes to use their device in combination with add-on lenses, powerbanks or other accessories, the pockets in your pants might not be roomy enough.

Help is at hand, though, in the shape of... more

The photography business Photojojo has closed up shop after 12 years of procuring content and products for photographers.

In an email to newsletter subscribers, the Photojojo team announced the closure and explained that it didn’t have the manpower to keep things running.

“Ive made the tough (but right – imho) decision to close PJs virtual doors because our tiny team doesnt have the bandwidth to run Photojojo as the majestic unicorn of a photo gear lovin... more

2018 is turning out to be the year of the mirrorless camera. After answering the Nikon Z and Canon R mirrorless camera announcements with... more

Want to shoot powerful portraits? One of the keys to doing so is focusing on your subject’s eyes. This 2.5-minute video by Light Club is an inspiring look into this... more