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Last month, during the full moon of November, I planned and shot a photo of the full moon rising behind the 800-year-old Frs church in Sweden.

I originally got this idea in May this year when I was wandering about on Andersn, a nature reserve located on an island 5 km Southwest of Frsn, Sweden. I noticed that the Frs church was clearly visible and that it would make a nice foreground against a full moon.

The photo I shot back in May 2018.

When I returned home, I started... more

Paradise, California lies just 90 minutes north of Sacramento, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Home to 26,000 people, Paradise includes several mobile home parks and is known as a retirement haven.

A fire that started in Pugla, California on November 8, 2018, swept west and raced toward Paradise. With flames moving at speeds up to three football fields per-minute, the town was quickly decimated. With short, or even little notification, many residents never... more

Dog lover and animal photographer Grace Chon has expanded her ongoing project Hairy, which features portraits of dogs before and after they receive haircuts.

“All the dogs have... more

Ibis hotels in Switzerland are offering guests a new service called Social Media Sitter. With this, customers can use "Instagram professionals" provided by the hotel to manage their Instagram profile while on vacation, enabling guests to "enjoy the city without a smartphone in front of the face," the company explains on its website.

The Social Media Sitter service is now available at Ibis hotels in Zurich and Geneva. The company lists several... more

My name is Ettore Chiereguini, and I’m a freelance photographer from Brazil. Here are some things I’ve learned about photographing riots and protests.


Consider two kinds of lenses: a wide angle and a telephoto. Why? wide will show you the whole picture, the whole frame, the flags, the slogans. It will put you in the scene.

The telephoto? Easy: you don’t want to be in there when s**t happens. Trust me on this one. But keep in mind that even a 70-200mm... more

Before Instagram became a worldwide phenomenon, Hipstamatic was the cool kid on the block that popularized retro photo filters. And while Hipstamatic hasn’t achieved nearly the level of popularity as the now-... more

The popular blogging platform Tumblr has announced that starting on December 17th, 2018, it will permanently ban all adult content and nudity. That includes artistic nude photos published by professional photographers.

The move is seemingly in response to Tumblr’s official app being banned from Apple’s iOS App Store in November... more

Two challenges to Apples claim that its iPhone X can shoot studio quality portraits have been turned down by the UKs Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The complainants took issue with Apples advertising line that the phone could deliver Studio-quality portraits [...] Without the studio and believed... more

One of the key new features of Apple's latest iPhones is the ability to adjust the 'bokeh effect' on portrait images, after they've been taken. But, as well as letting you adjust the intensity of the effect, the function has been enhanced to more accurately represent the bokeh characteristics of a real lens, rather than just trying to blur the background.

Every time you shoot an image using the 52mm-equivalent F2.4 portrait camera on the iPhone Xs you have the choice of editing the... more