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If it feels like we've been writing a lot about Sony recently, you haven't been imagining things: we've been writing about its products and technologies quite a bit. But there's a good reason for that the company has simply given us a lot to write about.

A period of intense, sustained activity, set against a backdrop of relative inactivity from its competitors has seen Sony receive probably more coverage than any other brand.

Ever since it bought Konica Minolta's camera business... more

Fujifilm has just announced the new Instax Square SQ6, the world’s first analog square-format Instax camera.

Fujifilm announced the square-format SQ10 camera in 2017, but that’s a hybrid camera that can create both digital images as well as square-format instant photos. The new SQ6 does away with the digital side of things... more

Fujifilm has announced the Instax Square SQ6, an analog instant film camera that resembles the old Instagram logo. The SQ6 takes Fujifilm's Instax Square film which gives a 62 x 62mm (2.4 x 2.4") images on 86 x 72mm film. It features a 66mm lens that gives a roughly 32mm equivalent field of view. The SQ6 joins the SQ10 Digital/Instax hybrid model to become the second camera to shoot using square-format film.

The SQ6 will be available from May 25th with a recommended price of $130/$160... more

Small details can make or break the effectiveness of a pose when photographing couples. Here’s a 6-minute video in which wedding photographers Sara Byrne and... more

Google wowed attendees at its I/O developer conference last week with a number of AI-powered photo technologies, including automatically colorizing black-and-white photos with one tap. But there’s one impressive feature teased at last year’s event that hasn’t arrived yet: object removal.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai... more

Many smartphones use camera hard and software components that are provided by third-party suppliers, but those components can only get you to a certain point. If manufacturers want to squeeze the maximum image quality out these third-party camera systems, an in-house camera team is indispensable.

It appears Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has just come to this... more

Battery and accessory brand hhnel has extended its range of radio-triggered Modus 600RT flash units with a model for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The unit can be used directly in the hotshoe as a standalone flash, or will work within a group of flashes as a TTL commander or a slave using radio or optical communication.

The company already makes this model... more

Researchers with the University of Illinois UrbanaChampaign and Intel have developed a deep neural network that brightens ultra-low light images without adding noise and other artifacts. The network was trained using 5,094 raw short-exposure low-light and long-exposure image pairsthe end result is a system that automatically brightens images at a much higher quality than traditional processing options.

The deep learning system was detailed in a newly published... more

A photography scandal has erupted leading up to this week’s royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Markle’s father is accused of staging a series of paparazzi photos that were sold for an estimated $130,000+.

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Xerox has called off its $6.1 billion mega-merger with Fujifilm after major shareholders revolted due to their belief that Xerox had been undervalued.

The two companies had originally struck a deal in January 2018 that would have merged Xerox into a joint venture between the two firms while giving Fujifilm majority ownership and control.

Investors Carl Icahn and Darwin... more