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Over the last few months, I have been in contact with Phase One to test their latest medium format camera, the IQ3 100MP Trichromatic. The standard 100MP backs from both Hasselblad and Phase One, already have incredible colors, due to being able to produce 16-bit raw files. Phase One, however, decided this wasnt enough and their latest sensor is a... more

Background Photo by Kathleen Clemons, courtesy of Lensbaby

Lensbaby has launched a 46mm macro filter kit that can be combined with several of the company's "bokeh effect" lenses, expanding their scope of application to close-up photography.

The filters screw onto the front of the lenses and the kit comes with three diopter options (+1,+2, and +4). The individual filters can be stacked for even higher levels of... more

The Internet is becoming a hectic and volatile place for photographers to share their work. Social media enables photos to be put in the hands of tens, thousands, and even millions in a matter of minutes. However, one small break in this sharing frenzy can lead to massive loss and frustration for the creators that dedicate themselves to doing their passion well.

My story begins with a simple tweet. On the night of Sunday January 7th, 2018, a Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from... more

Photo by Lilly Rum

Nikon Rumors has gotten wind of a very interesting bit of plausible speculationat this point, we're not comfortable calling it any more than that. According to the rumor site, the... more

If you’re a Canon shooter who has been waiting for Canon to get serious about mirrorless cameras, here’s some promising news: Canon has reportedly been asking its professionals what they’d like to see in a mirrorless camera.

... more

Want to improve your selection game in Photoshop? Here’s an 8-minute video fromPiXimperfectthat points out some “secret” sliders in Adobe Photoshop that will help... more

Facebook has announced that it will be introducing drastic changes to how its News Feed works, prioritizing content from family and friends and de-... more

Kodaks CES announcements tell an interesting tale of the power of brands, and what happens to those brands when you start licensing them to other companies.

A lot of people still have positive associations with the Kodak brand and its iconic logos, but its worth clearing something up, especially in light of all the cryptocurrency... more

Canon generated some controversy this week by widely sharing a photo that contained portions taken without permission from a shot by photographer... more

Samsung has confirmed its upcoming new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S9, will be launched at MWC in Barcelona, so we'll have to wait until late February to know for sure what features and specifications the new model will have to offer. That said,... more