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Photographer William Briscoe captured this spectacular 360 8K timelapse on January 31st near Fairbanks, Alaska. He shared the video on his YouTube channel and Facebook page a few weeks ago, alongside this description:

Here is a 360 video of the... more

A photographer trying to capture a “money shot” of a high-speed police chase recently got more than he bargained for when the fleeing suspect violently crashed his car and sent it hurtling straight at the photographer. The car missed the man by inches, and it was all caught on camera.

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Google's HDR+ mode is widely regarded as the current benchmark for computational imaging on smartphones, but Chinese manufacturer Vivo wants to unseat the champion. Earlier today, Vivo announced its AI-powered Super HDR featurea direct competitor to the Google system... more

Two decades ago, DSLRs were introduced to replace film cameras. With only a few megapixels, very short battery life, and an overall low quality, it was only natural that most photographers were very skeptical at first. It took a few generations until digital cameras were fully accepted and analog photography was left to the enthusiasts rather than the professionals.

In recent years, we’ve already seen a sharp turn in the status of DSLRs. Mirrorless cameras and smartphones... more

The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything recently tore down (or rather tore apart...) the new Samsung Galaxy S9, giving us the closest look at yet at the new smartphone's camera hardware. So if the still images in the iFixit teardown... more

My youngest daughter and I are visiting New York City this week. After visiting the 9/11 Memorial in the late afternoon on March 11, we made our way to Battery Park to catch the sunset, view the Statue of Liberty, and take a few shots. I shot the above photo with a Nikon 28-300mm lens that evening. The next day I found out that one of these helicopters is the Eurocopter AS350 that crashed in the East River about 8 minutes after this photo was taken.

After sunset, we returned to... more

When NASA astronaut Anne McClain had her official spacesuit photo shoot leading up to her trip to the International Space Station in November, she decided to do something unusual: McClain brought along her 4-year-old son for the session, and the resulting photos are adorable.

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My name is Skyler Adams, and I’m a photographer. Ive noticed that camera communities these days excitedly share news about new cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment, but hardly anyone posts an actual photo anymore. Why?

Gear is cheaper than ever and every type of photography is now accessible. A lowest-tier $300 Nikon or Canon trounces the pro gear from 15 years ago, and lighting gear isnt far behind. A skilled amateur can make work that matches the technical skill of... more