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When Getty Images set up its contributor agreement with Flickr in 2008 to allow Flickr users to sell their photos, I enabled the feature. While not a professional photographer, I had been approached a couple of times in the past about licensing some of my shots and thought the opportunity to sell through Getty Images could formalize this process.

I wasnt expecting to make huge amounts of money but anything I did make could go towards upgrading my equipment.

When this... more

NVIDIA has unveiled an impressive new AI that can automatically remove noise, grain, and even watermarks from photos. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it’s all accomplished without studying any examples of “clean photos” — all the AI needs are examples of corrupted images.

The AI, developed by researchers at NVIDIA, MIT, and Aalto University, is different than how... more

Microsoft has just announced the Surface Go. With a screen size of 10 inches, a weight of 1.15lbs (0.52kg), and a price tag of $399, it’s the most portable and affordable... more

A team of NVIDIA researchers, in partnership with researchers from Aalto University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has shared details of a new artificial intelligence (AI) program that can remove grain from images with such accuracy that it's almost scary.

'Using NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPUs with the... more

And you thought the Nikon P900‘s 83x zoom lens was impressive. Nikon has just announced the... more

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If the 24-2000mm equivalent lens on the Nikon Coolpix P900 wasn't enough for you, then we bring good news: Nikon has announced its Coolpix P1000, which brings the telephoto end up to a once unthinkable 3000mm equiv. The lens has a maximum aperture of F2.8-8, compared to F2.8-6.5 on the P900, and has both... more

Chinese flash system manufacturer Cactus has released new firmware for its V6 II Transceiver that will allow it to wirelessly communicate TTL information between a Canon or Cactus flash and a Canon camera. The X-TTL update makes it possible to trigger Canon flashes and retain full TTL control with that flash either on or off camera.

Canon flashes can be used on their own or in groups of Cactus models, while HSS and remote power controls are also possible. The same V6 II transceiver can... more

Everyone knows that good lighting is important when shooting video, but professional video lights can be prohibitively expensive. In this video, our friends over at ShareGrid demonstrate how to get professional looking results using inexpensive equipment available at any hardware store, including work lights, poster board and even a shower curtain.

Want some tips on getting pro quality sound as well? Our recent DPReview TV episode... more

Last week, it was reported that 3 Canadian YouTube vloggers had died while swimming at the top of Shannon Falls in Squamish, British Columbia. The trio were part of content creation channel... more

Phase One has launched its new Latitude style series, the latest addition to the company's Capture One Style Packs product launched last year. The Latitude presets are offered in two different packs: Latitude | Deep Forest and Latitude | Sunbound. The new series was inspired by "some of the worlds greatest destinations," Phase One said in its announcement.

Both Latitude style packs contain eight presets,... more