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OnePlus has just launched its latest smartphone, the OnePlus 5T. The 5T carries over most of the internal components, including the Snapdragon 835 chipset, from its predecessor the OnePlus 5, but comes with a very obvious change on the exterior: The AMOLED screen now features an 18:9 aspect ratio and covers almost the entire front of the device, as it is en vogue this year.

Another important change can be found in the camera department: The 5T comes with the same 16MP main... more

Daniel M-W of Gloucester, England, was at the Wyedean Rally this past weekend when one of the rally cars crashed right in front of him. His... more

Here’s a 2-minute tutorial overview from Circuito that will show you how to make your own automated turntable for photography. With the ability to start, stop, and trigger the camera all by itself, this turntable... more

Life Cycles is a new project by photographer Mike Kelley, who documented the creation, use, and destruction of airplanes through top-down photos captured from the sky.

“The series reverses our usual... more

It's hard to say much about the next generation mirrorless medium format cameras at this pointeven the rumor mill has been quietbut if you look at Sony's recently updated sensor roadmap, you can confidently assert one thing: the next-gen Fujifilm GFX and Hasselblad X1D models will contain a 100MP backside illuminated sensor with twice the readout speed of the current models.

This is a BIG deal.

It seems like just yesterday (it wasn't) Sony released the a7R II, the first camera... more

SLRs all suffer from the same problem: that mirror flapping up and down causes the camera to move at the time of exposure. “Mirror shock is what’s caused by the mirror itself and not the photographers ability to hold the camera still.

Some cameras allow you to program an extra delay on the mirror, and this goes a long way to getting rid of mirror shock.

Recently I was on a set and the photographer was using small HMI lamps with the Hasselblad H and IQ back. He... more

Want a beautiful USB drive to store or deliver some photos with? Check out this Canon USB flash drive. It’s designed to look like a miniature replica of the Canon IV SB rangefinder camera that was sold in the 1950s.

The Canon IV was a rangefinder camera series that was compatible with Leica screw mount lenses, produced in the early- and mid-1950s before being replaced by the Canon V series.

Canon’s new USB drive measures 2.8×1.4×1.4 inches and... more

Camera maker Hasselblad has launched the Rent a Hasselblad camera equipment renting program, aiming to give enthusiast and professional photographers easier access to its medium-format photography products.

Rent a Hasselblad is a global online service and allows you to book Hasselblad cameras and lenses for a selected period of time, making it an interesting option for special photoshoots, when... more

Here’s an 8-minute tutorial fromNature TTLand astrophotographer Matthew Saville about how to photograph star trails. Considered by some as the holy grail of astrophotography,... more

I was told. And I believed. But I didn't quite understand how good Google's Auto HDR+ mode is. After shooting with the Pixel 2 in some very challenging lighting conditions, I'm a believer.

Google's HDR+ mode is really, really good. And I'm prepared to defend it as my Gear of the Year.

Like I said, I was told. Our own Lars Rehm was impressed with Auto HDR+ in his... more