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After a year of drumming up anticipation and sneak peeks, Skylum today finally announced the availability of... more

Alright, I dont know if its the best photo Ive ever taken, but its one of my favorites and its been the most popular photo Ive posted recently on Facebook and Instagram.

Its a pretty standard belief in photography that if youre a serious photographer, you have to shoot RAW. Many people will sneer just at the thought of shooting in JPEG. If youre familiar with popular YouTuber... more

National Geographic just announced the winners of the prestigious 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest. Photographer Jassen Todorov stood out from nearly 10,... more

Insta360 has released a software update for its One X 5.7K 360-degree camera. With version software version 1.1.0 the camera is now capable of capturing HDR video previously HDR recording was only available for still images. The One X HDR mode... more

In 1966, photographer Jay Maisel spent $102,000 buying a 6-floor, 35,000-square-foot, 72-room building in New York City that would become his home and studio for the next half-century. In 2015, he sold the building for $55 million. Now a new documentary film is offering an inside look at the artist’s final days inside the one-of-a-kind space.

The documentary is by photographer Stephen Wilkes, a Maisel protg, and titled, Jay Myself: Photography, the Bank, and Me.... more

Wacom Intuos Pro
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When it comes to precision photo editing, a tablet may be the tool you never knew you desperately needed. Although the Wacom tablet has long been a favored tool of graphic designers and digital artists, its also an excellent piece... more

Chinese company Xiaomi's AI Lab has published a new paper detailing an AI network called "DeepExposure" that improves low-quality images through machine learning. "Comparing with other methods," the researchers explained in their paper, "our algorithm can... more

“Color science” is a term that’s thrown around a lot these days when discussing the merits of various digital cameras and brands, but how much of it is real color differences and preferences, and how much of it is simply brand loyalty?... more

Photographer Simon King was at a music event last year when he unintentionally snapped a photo at exactly the same time as the photographer in his shot. His photo managed to catch her flash lighting up the... more

A short film shot entirely on an iPhone has won the prestigious 2018 Turner Prize in Britain. Established in 1984, the prize is presented every year to a British visual artist, and it... more