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A Boeing 737 passenger jetliner has reportedly struck a drone while landing in Tijuana, Mexico, causing a considerable amount of damage to its nose.

Social media reports of the incident, which were later confirmed by the airline Grupo Aeromexico SAB, say that Flight 773 from Guadalajara was approaching the airport when the crew heard a “very strong blow” to the aircraft. Local reports are stating that it was a drone that caused the impact.

The pilots requested... more

YouTuber Casey Cavanaugh, whose work has been featured before on DPReview, has produced a handy video guide for those looking for buy their first film camera. Posted on his GxAce YouTube channel Casey runs through five top tips for checking over some of the essential... more

For a long time, I have been building sets or props for my images, which in time developed into making and selling furniture as a hobby business. I thought it about time I made videos detailing the process of those builds and the high budget results that can be achieved with little financial outlay and a little DIY.

In this 4.5-minute video, Ill take you through how to shoot underwater without getting wet! This can all be done in your own home for less than $60 using just a few... more

If you're looking for a photography gift that's a bit more substantial than a stocking stuffer, we've got some suggestions that should fit the bill.

Chinese optics manufacturer Kipon has added the Nikon Z and Canon R mounts to its range of medium format to full frame camera adapters. The company claims the adapters virtually eliminate any crop factor by way of optics within the adapter that compensate for the difference in imaging areas of the full frame and medium format systems, and says the diagonal angle of view is... more

How hard is it to remove a stuck filter on a camera lens? If it happens with a slim profile filter, you are left with less of a surface to grip.

I tried the rubber band method, tapping method, oil drip method, hair dryer method, and plier method. Trust me, none of them worked.... more

Palette, a modular collection of buttons, dials and sliders designed to give photo editing a more tactile experience, has received an update making it compatible with Capture One 11 and 12 on MacOS computers.

The new support, which comes... more

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is on a mission to explore the Sun’s corona (basically its atmosphere), and the robotic spacecraft recently made the closest-ever approach to a star. NASA just shared a remarkable photo share by Parker: the first photo ever shot from inside the Sun’s corona.

“[T]he science data from the first solar encounter is just making its way into the hands of the mission’s scientists,” NASA... more

Have you ever exported a photo, uploaded it to the Web, and then noticed that the colors looked off on your monitor? The reason is likely the color space of your photo. Here’s a helpful 15-minute video by... more

When photographing wild animals in the great outdoors (especially big ones), it’s important to stay at a safe distance for the good of both you and the animal. But one sightseer in a Canadian national park was recently seen giving a masterclass in how NOT to shoot from a reasonable distance.

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