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Well-known Danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard has stopped offering luxury elephant skin camera bags for sale after word of the bags got some photographers up in arms.

The 53-year-old Overgaard, known for his... more

My name is Patrick Keenan, and I’m a photojournalist in Australia. I have been using Ektachrome 100ASA underwater in my Nikonos cameras and SB-105 flash since the 1970s and was disappointed to... more

GoPro has relaunched its Trade-Up program, this time as a permanent option for customers located in the United States. The program first launched last year, but only as a temporary promotion limited to previous-generation GoPro cameras exchanged for discounts on current-generation models. This time around, GoPro is accepting nearly any digital camera in any condition.

The company says it will accept any GoPro or non-GoPro... more

Credit: Rylo

The popular Rylo 360 cameraa camera we called the "360 degree camera done right" in our reviewis receiving a major update today. The update adds two new features for both iOS and Android users of the Rylo camera and app, with a third feature available only to iOS users for now.

... more

Phase One has launched the first major update to Capture One Pro 11, the company's Raw conversion and photo editing software. Capture One 11.1 brings along a few important new features, including improved import performance, an updated styles workflow, a new resource hub, enhanced LCC presets, and support for new cameras and lenses.

The most obvious changes... more

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We recently got a hold of Samsung's latest and greatest smartphone, the Galaxy S9+. Like the Note 8, the S9+ has dual cameras (one wide, one telephoto,) but this time one of them can switch between F1.5 and F2.4 automatically or on demand.

We took the S9+ on a recent trip to Southern California and... more

Best practices for flying your drone at weddings

It's spring, and that means wedding season is upon us!* If you're one of the many photographers planning wedding shoots this year, it's also a great time to think about including aerial photography in your plans.

A drone is a great way to capture unique shots that can help tell the story of a memorable day, and in my... more

Sony has released the first firmware update for the Sony a7 IIIversion 1.01and it was specifically released to solve a "blinking pixel" issue that showed up when recording video footage while using certain settings.

The flickering pixels would appear along the base of footage "during XAVC S 4K (PAL 25p) recording (depending on the combination of camera settings)." Additionally... more

Defining your style is one of the, if not the, most difficult and time-consuming aspects of photography. It takes many people years or even decades of shooting before they really start to narrow down their photographic style.

Today I am going to try and speed you up past all that trial and error to help you start figuring out your style right now! It’s an incredibly simple process that after reading might sound completely obvious, but maybe something you didnt... more