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Listen up power-hungry Apple fanboys! Yesterday, Apple finally announced a release date for its beast of a desktop all-in-one, revealing that the new iMac Pro will be available to purchase starting on December 14th.

The model's arrival will mark the first instance of a new pro-tier Apple desktop release in years, and it'll come in four variants sporting 8-, 10-, 14-, and 18-core configurations. Once available, these iMac Pro models will be the most powerful desktop options ever offered... more

Toshiba has just announced the world’s first 14TB Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) hard drive. The new drive is part of Toshiba’sMG07ACA enterprise series.

“We have raised the bar with the new MG07ACA Series 9-disk helium-sealed design,” says Akitoshi Iwata, Vice President of Toshiba’s Storage Products Division. “By utilizing an innovative design, we continue to improve the benefits that high-capacity disk storage can deliver to our broad... more

Portrait mode shootout: iPhone 8 Plus vs Google Pixel 2

Like it or not, 2017 is the year that background-blurring Portrait Modes gained major traction in smartphone photography. Apple and Google both offer improved versions of the mode in their latest devices, making for better-looking results all around. But the two manufacturers take somewhat different approaches... more

Moab, Utah is known for its unique desert landscapes as well as a multitude of adventurous outdoor activities. We traveled there recently with photographer Scott Rinckenberger, no stranger to adventure himself, for an action-packed weekend of rock climbing and mountain biking with a sunrise helicopter ride for good measure.

The Olympus... more

This year was a busy one for smartphone manufacturers, with major new handsets released from all of the big players. Take a look at some of 2017's noteworthy new phones, and vote for your favorite!

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Later this week, on December 14th, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards will reveal the winning photos for 2017, each chosen from... more

After photographing the solar eclipse in Idaho, I couldn’t resist continuing my “long-service leave” and returning to Canada’s Yukon Territory for some early season... more

Google has created a trio of apps that utilize experimental technology in a bid to push forward the possibilities of smartphone photography and videography. The apps Storyboard, Selfissmo!, and Scrubbies use techniques like smart object recognition and person segmentation algorithms similar to Portrait Mode to enable creative editing of images and video.

... more

Instagram will now let you follow hashtags in addition to individuals. The change, announced through the Instagram blog, comes about a month after initial reports surfaced that Instagram was 'testing' the... more

Want to be inspired by the great American photographer Ansel Adams? Here’s a fantastic 80-minute documentary film that PBS aired back in 2002. Titled Ansel Adams: A Documentary Film, it’s an in-depth study of Adams’ life and work.

The documentary was co-produced by the environmental organization the... more