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If you can live with some compression being applied to your files, Google Photos offers a reliable and free method for storing your photos and videos. The platform can also be used for storing original-quality JPGs and Raw files but those files will count against your quota and once you're out of storage you'll have to pay for extra space.

Depending on the file types you... more

How do you go about creating photos of a person on fire without actually setting someone on fire? Through creative planning, photography, and retouching — and sacrificing the well-being of some mannequins.

For a series that was originally published in 125 Magazine, London-based photographer... more

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Sigma has nicknamed its 105mm F1.4 Art the 'bokeh master' and after shooting it on the Sony a7R III, we're beginning to understand why. Take a look at how this behemoth of a lens performs with some environmental portraits.

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A Reflex-Nikkor 1000mm f/11 prototype is mounted on the Nikon Z 7 via the Mount Adapter FTZ

Nikon Museum is showcasing prototype interchangeable lenses from the 1950s to the 1980s in a special exhibition called "Prototype Lenses -- Fascinating Images Captured by the Nikon Z 7 Mirrorless Camera." The exhibition opened on October 2 and includes around 60 prototype lenses created... more

Image software company VSCO has announced plans to become a fully mobile company. This process will involve retiring its existing desktop presets on March 1, 2019, VSCO revealed on its website, leaving users with the VSCO mobile app, mobile tools and presets, and the annual $19.99 membership.

VSCO first launched in 2012 to offer film emulation presets on desktop. Soon after, the company launched a mobile app offering the film presets, which ultimately... more

Having learned photography in the time of manual analog film cameras, I know digital feels different. And for me, its all about the “left and right of photography.”

Analog photography is predominantly a left-handed pursuit but digital is predominantly right-handed. The question that begs to be asked is what influence does this have on creativity?. Or more importantly, your images?

I personally find that the right-hand operation of shutter and aperture makes for... more

A giant cave has been discovered in British Columbia, Canada, and the opening is large enough to fit the Statue of Liberty inside. But the location of the cave in Wells Gray Provincial Park is being kept a closely guarded secret in order to keep Instagram tourists away from the spot.

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Smartphone manufacturers are facing a dilemma these days. Consumers want a display that covers as much of the front of the device and has bezels that are as thin as possible. On the other hand some components, for example the front camera, proximity and light sensors or the earpiece have to be placed onto the front of the device as well to work... more

While the Canon EF and Nikon F lens mount ecosystems are teeming with 3rd-party lenses, the new Canon R and Nikon Z full-frame mirrorless lens mounts completely lacked 3rd-party glass… until now. The Chinese brand KIPON... more

Photographer Lians Jadan recently spent months brainstorming in hopes of creating an effective promo. He came up with the idea of sending out his work to prospective clients with a retro... more