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If you’re in the market for an SSD drive, you’re probably looking at 128GB, 250GB, or 500GB drive. Well,... more

Last month, Associated Press photographer A. M. Ahad shared a video on Facebook that shows something disappointing... if not terribly surprising. His video, captured at a train station in Bangladesh, shows photographers shooting staged images of a boy who is posing out a train window as if in prayer.

Ahad criticized the photographers' actions, saying such staging is used in an effort to capture award-winning images at the... more

Here’s a 17-minute video fromAdoramathat takes you behind-the-scenes on a “character” portrait shoot with photographers Joe McNally and Daniel Norton. The goal is... more

Camera accessories company Really Right Stuff (RRS) has announced that it will be moving both its headquarters and its manufacturing operations to Lehi, Utah, where it will have access to a building that is 2.5 times larger than its current location. The company points toward increasing costs in California, where it is presently located, as the reason for the move.

"We love beautiful San Luis Obispo, but our employees cant afford to buy a... more

Fujifilm's new X-H1 sits above the X-T2 in the company's X-series APS-C lineup. As well as offering several enhancements in its core stills photography feature set, the X-H1 also brings high-end 4K video capture with up to 200Mbps capture and 5-axis in-body stabilization.

At the X-H1's launch in Los Angeles last week, we sat down with the camera's product manager, Jun... more

My name is Brady Kenniston, and Im a portrait and wedding photographer from a small town in Michigan, nowhere near the rocket haven that is Kennedy Space Center. Occasionally I shoot high school sports and cover... more

A new project called Prosthetic Photographer involves a very real gadget designed to zap humans into taking better images. The system was created by artist and designer Peter Buczkowski, and it works with both DSLR and mirrorless cameras. Using artificial intelligence, the device constantly scans for 'ideal' scenes and uses mild electric shocks to force/train the photographer to capture them.

"The Prosthetic... more

Officials are investigating whether a recent helicopter crash near Charleston, South Carolina, was caused by a civilian drone operated nearby. The accident, which happened last Wednesday, involved a Robinson Helicopter Co. R22 helicopter carrying an instructor pilot and student.

The two are reporting that a small UAV flew directly in their path, forcing the instructor to perform evasive action. That evasive action, unfortunately, caused the helicopter's tail to hit a tree, which sent... more

Photographer and director Joey L has been using camera drones to capture aerial photos and videos in conflict zones. Here’s a 21-minute talk he recently gave on his work at... more

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Our good friend Roger Cicala over at Lensrentals finally got around to tearing down the Sony a7R III, to see if Sony was being honest when it... more