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The New York Times has teamed up with Google Cloud for digitizing five to seven million old photos in its archive. Google’s AI will also be tasked with unearthing “untold stories” in the massive trove of historical images.

“For over 100 years, The Times has archived approximately five to seven million of its old photos in hundreds of file cabinets three stories below street level near their Times Square offices in a location called the ‘morgue... more

Freelance film photographer Casey Cavanaugh has always wanted a Hasselblad Xpan, but the cameras cost thousands of dollars used and have been out of his reach. So, Cavanaugh decided to build his own.

... more

In this video and article, I’ll share 10 helpful Lightroom tips that can improve your photo editing.

#1. Auto tone in Lightroom

The auto tone section Lightroom gives you is a really good start to your editing process in Lightroom. You dont have to accept the results — just reset after but use it as a guide.

#2. Angle tool in the Lightroom

Inside the top tool, there is a little thing called the Angle Tool. Essentially it’s a line that you can draw... more

Need a chuckle? Alex over at I did a thing made this 4.5-minute tongue-in-cheek video showing 5 creative camera tricks you can use… if you’re a cheapskate.

“... more

Digital cameras have made it incredibly easy to do time-lapse photography, thanks to the ability to take hundredsor even thousandsof photos without interruption. However, creating a time-lapse sequence that achieves your artistic intent may require a bit of planning or even some camera accessories. This week, Chris and Jordan walk us through the process of planning and shooting compelling time-lapse videos.

Also, make sure to read our article... more

Friday Feature: Framing, timing bring juxtaposed beach scenes to life

Three Men Moises Levy

Framing and composition are two of the most basic tools in every photographers arsenal, but they can also be some of the most powerful.

In his recent of photographs, Mexico City photographer Moises Levy shows how simple black and white photographs on the beach can be turned into wonderfully juxtaposed images with the help of perfect timing... more

Cinematographer Casey Cavanaugh of GxAce has published a video detailing the creation of his own Hasselblad XPan, a DIY camera he calls the GX-Pan. "I always wanted an XPan, the anamorphic dream," Cavanaugh narrates in his video. "But it has always been out of my reach, so I built my own."

The DIY GX-Pan features a custom machined adapter design to mount an anamorphic lens onto a Hasselblad 500cm camera. "What makes... more

One of the most viral photos of 2017 was the “Distracted Boyfriend” stock photo that has widely been used as an Internet meme. Photographer... more

Using a graduated neutral density (GND) filter is fairly easy and doesnt require any advanced techniques in post-production, but the easiest option isnt always the best choice; due to the filters transition being horizontal, anything above the distinction will be darkened and anything below will be left alone.

This is a good solution when theres a flat horizon, but what do we do when there are mountains projecting above it? What do we do when there are large trees in the image?... more

NASA just released this new close-up photo of the swirling clouds found on Jupiter. It was captured by the Juno spacecraft on October 29th, 2018, during its 16th close flyby of... more