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While Nikon’s new Z7 full-frame mirrorless camera is the Z Series flagship, the cheaper Z6 is designed to be a low-light powerhouse. Bulgarian filmmaker and photographer... more

Here’s a beautiful and mind-bending photo captured by photographer Daniel Kordan. While at first glance it might look like some kind of Photoshopped composite showing a river under a sunset with unusual clouds,... more

Think Tank Photo has released the latest versions of its Hydrophobia rain covers and introduced a new pair of compact rain covers it calls the Emergency Rain Cover.

The Hydrophobia V3.0 Rain Covers come in five different configurations to fit various DSLR cameras and Sony full-frame mirrorless camera setups. In Think Tank Photo's own words, the Hydrophobia V3.0 Rain Covers are 'considered the most protective... more

Bit depth is one of those terms weve all run into, but very few photographers truly understand. Photoshop offers 8, 16, and 32-bit file formats. Sometimes we see files referred to as being 24 of 48-bit. And our cameras often offer 12 vs 14-bit files (though you might get 16-bit with a medium format camera). What does it all mean, and what really matters?

What is bit depth?

Before we compare the various options, lets first discuss what the naming means. A bit is a computers way of... more

Think Tank Camera has announced its new Emergency Rain Covers, simple and ultra-portable covers that can help protect your gear when the weather and/or conditions unexpectedly change.

While the company already sells a line of Hydrophobia line of rain covers, the Emergency line is much more simple and, as its name suggests, designed to come in handy in a crunch.

Available in Small and Medium sizes, the covers are designed for both DSLR and mirrorless cameras and can support... more

Our test scene is designed to simulate a variety of textures, colors and detail types you'll encounter in the real world. It also has two illumination modes to see the effects of different lighting conditions.

The X-T3 boasts a brand-new 26MP BSI image sensor, which is likely to appear in the next generation of Fujifilm cameras. We've added the X-T3 to our studio test scene comparison to take a... more

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Of the four lenses launched alongside the Canon EOS R earlier this month, the RF 50mm F1.2L USM was one that we were excited to get our hands on. As soon as it landed in our office a few days ago we got started on a dedicated gallery, shot in Raw mode on the new... more

Last year, Nikon announced plans to end its sales in Brazil as part of a "global scale restructuring," a decision that went into effect on December 31, 2017. Though product sales ended, the company maintained its Brazil-based customer and technical support business segments in the nation, but that too has come to an end.

In a... more

A Montana photographer has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Netflix, accusing the media juggernaut of using one of his storm photos without permission for the hit sci-fi show Stranger Things.

We first covered photographer... more