Photography News

We've just added a trio of recently released cameras to our buying guides.

The Nikon Z6, for which we've completed our full review, can be found in the 'Best Cameras Under $2000' and 'Best Cameras for Video' guides.

The Olympus E-M1X, whose full review is in progress, sits in the 'Best Cameras Over $2000' and 'Best Cameras for Sports & Action'.

Finally, you'll find the... more

In February, the CompactFlash Association announced the CFexpress 2.0 specification, a follow-up to the CFexpress 1.0 specification first revealed in late 2016. The new 2.0 spec update brings two more form factors to CFexpress, both targeting industrial and professional imaging markets,... more

Before Instagram, selfie sticks, disposable cameras, Polaroids, and box brownies, there were carte de visites — small photographic albumen prints, mounted on card... more

If you’re always looking for ways to optimize and streamline your photography post-processing workflow, here’s an 11-minute video for you. Jess Ramirez of Photoshop Training... more

ILFORD PHOTO just released this 15-minute short film that looks at the work of Brendan Barry, a large format photographer, lecturer, and camera builder who does unusual work with cameras and photography. It’s... more

Godox is getting ready to launch the V1, its affordable rival to the $995 Profoto A1 round head flash, but it may soon hit a major roadblock: Profoto is accusing Godox of patent infringement, saying the... more

I recently shot this image while teaching a street photography workshop in London. I had been talking to my students about noticing things that were odd or out of place which normally makes for an engaging subject.

A few minutes later this man walked past us, heavily hunched over, and holding the top of his bag with his left hand. I liked him for his vibrant red jacket, and the odd positioning of his arm, so I took the picture and later shared it online. Within a few minutes, I... more

Lensbaby has released Edge 35mm Optic, a new wide angle tilt lens for its Optic Swap system.

The lens, which works in conjunction with the Lensbaby composer Pro or Composer Pro II, can be mounted to Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E, Fuji X and... more

The mobile photo-editing app startup Polarr has announced that it just raised another $11.5 million in Series A funding as it continues to capitalize on the boom in smartphone photography.

... more

The world of high fashion can get weird, and YouTubers... more