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When photographer Steve Arklay discovered his photo on someone else’s Instagram account, posted without credit or permission, he didn’t send a takedown request. Instead, he started a dialogue with the photo thief, trying to buy a print of his own photograph.

This... more

We had our first opportunity to shoot with the Sigma 30mm F1.4 Contemporary at CP+, spending some time with a pre-production lens taking in Japan's freshly snow-coated landscapes. With a full-production lens in hand and good weather in the air, we've put the Sigma 30mm through its paces a little closer to home. Designed for Micro Four Thirds and Sony E-mount cameras, the featherweight... more

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Accessory manufacturer miggo has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new iPhone grip that it says brings DSLR-style controls to many current iPhone models. The Pictar grip uses conventional buttons, wheels and dials to deliver a traditional camera... more

Nikon's SnapBridge app is now available for Android. First announced as a feature on the Nikon D500, SnapBridge allows photographers with a compatible Nikon digital camera to maintain a connection to a mobile device using Bluetooth low energy. Read more

Highly controversial Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is in the news a lot, but today he’s making photography news. “The Donald” is being sued by two photographers who claim he has used... more

Edelkrone’s tag line is simply “reinvent,” and that’s exactly what the company is doing with their new StandPLUS: they’re reinventing the tripod. Or rather, they’re throwing the tripod out altogether in favor of a... more

Seeing and photographing the Aurora Borealis is pretty high on many a photographer’s wish list, but if you don’t live in the arctic circle (or don’t have the budget to get there), then capturing this amazing display may have to wait a while. In the meantime, let the folks at Phlearn show you... more

When you think “towering architecture photography,” the only chewing gum on your mind is probably the piece you might step on while trying to frame your shot from the sidewalk. But Sam Kaplan‘s architectural homage Unwrapped is actually made of gum... more

Loss and desperation, love and respect, bravery and triumph, these are the themes that COOPH is exploring in their newest video, and they’re doing it by reviewing some of the most powerful photographs ever captured.

The video is called The Power of Photographs, and what better... more

The cat is out of the bag… well, maybe not entirely, but it’s definitely peeking its head out. When Huawei announced the P9 smartphone and its Leica-branded dual-cam, neither company was being very straightforward about what Leica’s role actually was in designing the optics. Now we have some answers.

The “Leica-certified” dual camera... more