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One of the big stories in the photo world this past weekend was the fact that Nikon Singapore selected a clearly Photoshopped image as the winner of a recent contest. After a wave of relentless mockery from photographers around the world, both Nikon and the winning photographer have since apologized for what happened.

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Readers' Showcase: Christopher Michel

Sunrise over Bagan, 2012. Photo by Christopher Michel

It's telling that DPR regular Christopher Michel corresponded with me about this piece while he was en route to Antarctica. He considers freelance photography his third career, one that has taken him to the proverbial ends of the earth and beyond... more

My name is Tavis Leaf Glover, and Im an artist just like you, trying to create art that I can be proud of and share with the world. Though, something really hindered me in the beginning… the Rule of Thirds.

I want to shed some light on the Rule of Thirds Myths weve all been forcefully spoon fed during our creative infancy, which continues to linger as our compositions mature.

Perhaps we can change the future of art together if we help other artists abandon the rule... more

If you’re closely following the 2016 US presidential race, here’s a blast from the past that may be interesting to you: these are photos of the major candidates from their teen years.

Someone gathered together a set of early snapshots and yearbook photos of the presidential hopefuls... more

One of the world’s most popular cameras may be about to get a huge leap in tech and quality: a new report says that Apple is planning to introduce dual rear cameras in its upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

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Did you know that Facebook and Instagram both have a “secret” feature that converts your photos into ASCII art? By doing a slight tweak to the URLs of photos, you can view them as color and black and white versions that are made up of letters.

While the feature has reportedly been around for a while now, it started getting widespread attention this week after being shared by developer Mathias Bynens:

Take any Facebook/Instagram photo URL.... more

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'If I Can...' is the motto Chris Koch lives by. Born without arms and legs, the Canadian travels as a motivational speaker, challenging his audiences to live their lives to their greatest potential and push beyond difficulties. Portrait... more

Sony Corp. released its third quarter 2015 earnings report [PDF], in which the company disclosed notable drops in both camera and image sensor sales. It has also lowered the forecast for both business units, though both are still expected to make a profit in the current fiscal year.

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The new carbon fiber version of the Manfrotto 190Go, with the existing aluminium version behind it

Manfrotto has launched a new lighter version of its 190Go travel tripod that is made with carbon fiber. The new model joins the aluminum version of the existing 190Go, and is essentially the same other than the amount it weighs and costs. While the aluminum version weighs 1670g / 58.9oz, the new carbon fiber model is notably lighter at 1350g / 47.61oz. Both can manage 7kg / 15.43lbs of... more