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Who wouldnt want to explore one of the worlds most haunted places given the chance? Okay, on second thought, maybe most people… Well, while on holiday with my family in Venice, I was recently given that chance and I wasnt going to turn it down.

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Lens manufacturer Sigma has announced that it will replace parts on its Pentax-mount lenses that are known to scratch the new Pentax K-1 full-frame camera. The company says that certain lenses that it produces clash with the shape of the upper part of the mount on the K-1 and that using one of the listed lenses could leave a small scratch on part of the camera body.

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Canon’s original 16-35mm f/2.8L was released in 2001, and the followup Mark II version arrived in 2007. Now, 9 years later, a Mark III refresh is reportedly just around the corner.

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I'm pleased to announce that our in-depth review of the D810 is now published. A lot of you will be asking why it took so long. That's a good question. There's no single, simple answer, but believe us when we say that over the past two years there has rarely been a day when we have not been working on the D810 review in some way or other.

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Justin Bieber announced this week that he will no longer stop to take photos with fans while out in public. He says things have gotten to the point in which he feels like “a zoo animal” due to the endless impersonal picture requests.

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Corel just released AfterShot Pro 3, the newest version of its non-destructive RAW editor. And while it adds a bunch of cool features like more powerful highlight recovery and the ability to create custom lens correction profiles, that’s not its claim to fame. It... more

The Google Camera app is definitely not the most advanced photo and video capture app available to Android users, but a new report suggests Google is testing a feature that will definitely appeal to photo loving users: RAW + JPEG shooting.

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A few days ago I met up with two younger photographers at a coffee shop in San Francisco.

I have always seen myself as a young, up and coming photographer, but after two decades in photography I guess Im now among the established, older guys.

Hanging out, it was refreshing to hear their perspective on an industry I have been a part of for so long.

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The team at photo community and marketplace EyeEm just released something really cool. Announced this morning, their new standalone iOS app “... more

An anonymous photographer in New York City claims to have spotted the much-anticipated future Sony “A9” flagship camera out in the wild… and apparently it packs quite a sensor.

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