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Canon’s Japanese store recently began offering a miniature 5DS replica camera with two L lens flash drives. This is an official Canon product, unlike some DSLR flash drives... more

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially launched the drone registration program first reported in October. Drone operators are required to register their UAVs with the Unmanned Aircraft System registry starting December 21. Failure to register could result in criminal and civil penalties.

Under the new system, all aircraft must be registered... more

Back in July 2013, we shared how major filmmakers had banded together to rescue Kodak by committing to purchasing film from the company. One of the big names was J.J. Abrams, the director of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which opens this week.

The new Star Wars was shot on Kodak film, and thanks to a number of other major productions using... more

Adobe has today launched version 2.1 of Lightroom for mobile for Apple iOS devices. The update comes with a number of new features, some of which take advantage of new hardware in the Apple iPad Pro and the new iPhone models 6s and 6s Plus. Read more

Ever wonder what you look like while you’re taking pictures? Orlando, Florida-based photographer Rich Johnson wants to show you. For his latest project “Behind the Mask,” Johnson had photographers pose for two pictures, one with their camera, and one without.

“As a... more

For the past 2 years, photographer Che Chorley has been working has been working on a seascape project. Each shot is captured with the surface of the sea at about eye level, and each mainly shows the ocean, horizon, and sky.

But different weather and times of day cause the photos to have... more

Ever wonder what happens to a camera if you accidentally drop it into a volcano’s molten lava? Well, wonder no more, because some poor photographer found out the hard way.

Photographer Amanda Stevens was working at Samy’s Camera in Pasadena, California, this past weekend when she... more

Adobe today announced Lightroom for mobile version 2.1. The update adds a number of new features for photographers who edit on their iPhone or iPad on the go.

If you’ve already picked up... more

Photographer Clay Cook recently traveled to Havana, Cuba, and worked directly with the Cuban government to bring a fashion editorial to an American publication in print.

It all started when the magazine... more

Sigma today announced the Ceramic Protector, a new and novel lens filter that’s the first to use a clear glass ceramic material that helps to protect lenses more than traditional filters.

The new filters are repellent and resistant against water, dust, oil, fingerprints,... more