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Want to see an impressive example of what the new Dehaze slider in Photoshop and Lightroom can do? Check out the 1-minute video above by photographer Grant Friedman, who tested out the... more

BitTorrent is an industry leading protocol for peer-to-peer filing sharing over the Internet, enabling people to quickly share files when needed. Today, the company announced a new photo and video sharing application, BitTorrent Shoot. Designed to allow fast exchange between many different... more

Ricoh has announced it is to push back the availability date of its premium Pentax-D 70-200mm lens, as it needs more time to ensure it meets the standards required for a member of the Star-lens series. Initially due this Spring, the HD Pentax-D FA* 70-200mm F2.8ED DC AW is now set to arrive in Autumn. Read more

“Out of the Wild: Zoo Portraits” is a project by photographer Boza Ivanovic, who created artistic low-key portraits of animals during visits to a local zoo.

Ivanovic tells us that the series was born during a low time in his life. After a freak motorcycle accident left him with... more

Sony continues to embrace the feature-adding firmware trend by adding high bitrate video recording to its a6000 mirrorless camera. Firmware v2.0 adds the ability to record in the XAVC S format to the 16-month-old camera, offering 50Mbps shooting at 24, 30, or 60p (and PAL equivalents). Aside from the updated firmware, a Class 10 SDXC card is the only other thing you'll need to get started. Read more... more

Facebook has announced a new standalone app for iOS and Android called Moments. Moments allows you to share and sync images from events, such as trips, weddings, parties and the like, between a private group of users, in a very similar way to the Kolektio app that was launched only two weeks ago. Read more

When the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile erupted back in April, one photographer captured footage from the moment of explosion and another one managed to shoot a short time-lapse sequence of the plumes. German time-lapse photographer Martin Heck of... more

If quadcopters haven’t yet caught your interest then maybe the B-Unstoppable hybrid drone will be the first. A Kickstarter project created by a company named ‘B’ aims to introduce the first commercially available hybrid tank-quadcopter to market... more

Adobe has released the latest iterations of its Camera Raw plug-in and DNG converter software. In addition to adding support for more cameras and lenses, this update also adds Dehaze correction as well as local B&W adjustment sliders. Adobe has also reduced ‘color blur’ artifacts in Raw images from Fujifilm X-Trans cameras. More details

Finding the perfect photograph to use can be a challenge. Most photographers seek to copyright their work giving them the exclusive rights to its use and distribution. When you simply want to use a photo for a school presentation or your personal blog, navigating the legal landscape can be a nightmare. Luckily, the folks over at Creative Commons have created an Android app to allow you to find quickly and request images that you can legally use.

Creative Common’s app,... more