Photography News

Fall weather has arrived here in Seattle, so what better time to head for the Valley Isle of Maui? The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ300 superzoom, which features an 25-600mm equiv. F2.8 lens and weather-sealed body, somehow found itself in a suitcase. You can see how it handled the tropical weather in our real-world sample gallery.

Premium bag manufacturer ONA has introduced a new range of soft camera bags made from Nylon and leather with brass fittings. The Black Collection comprises the company's Camps Bay backpack and Brixton messenger bags redesigned in the new materials, as well as a new rolling duffle bag that has space for clothes as well as cameras. Read more

Hard to believe, but PIX 2015 is fast approaching! Whether you're planning on tuning in live October 6th and 7th or joining us in person at Seattle Center, there are more reasons than ever to get excited about PIX - our expo and interactive photo playground. Read more

In addition to running a giant stock footage archive of over 1,500 4K clips, Philadelphia-based DOP Mitch Martinez also shoots... more

Here’s your “weird photo product o’ the day”: the cereal brand Cinnamon Toast Crunch has announced a new product called the Selfie Spoon. It’s a selfie stick with a spoon for a handle that’s designed to help you take pictures of yourself while eating food (and... more

A new patent filed by Facebook suggests that the social networking giant is working on giving user cameras a unique digital fingerprint. Looking for ways to identify fraudulent accounts and evermore establish what connections you may have with others, the new technology means... more

Instead of relying on photomanipulation, as is common these days, photographer Lara Zankoul creates surreal photos by putting together elaborate sets. For her project “The Unseen,” Zankoul spent roughly three months planning and building a large tank set that she filled halfway with... more

Integrated Wi-Fi is quickly becoming a standard for many camera manufacturers who are trying to stay up to date with the latest trends. It took a while for the two giants, Nikon and Canon, to get on board, but most of their latest cameras have been rolling out with wireless connectivity.

If you shoot with a wirelessly-connected Nikon camera,... more

For the past 29 years Ive been traveling to China for my day job as an industrial designer to manage the ramp-up of new products manufactured in China. Ive discovered that its become a common career path for product designers to morph into Asian sourcing managers because of our background in product development. Thats exactly what happened in my career about 30 years ago, with the exception that Ive remained active in product design plus Ive become a street photographer in China over... more

Lens adapter manufacturer Metabones has announced new firmware for its Speed Booster and Smart Adapters that brings on-sensor phase detection autofocus to owners of Sony's Alpha 7R ll and the Olympus OM-D E-M1. Read more