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Samsung has today officially launched a new generation of its A-series smartphones, and although the new devices range below the high-end Galaxy S and Note models in the Samsung line-up, they come with promising-looking specifications - especially in the camera department. Read more

Back in 2013, Slovenia-based Lumu Labs raised over $244,000 on Kickstarter to launch the Lumu, a headphone jack attachment that turns the iPhone into an accurate light meter for... more

Digital medium format brand Phase One has bought the whole of the Mamiya Digital Imaging Company and has taken over Mamiya's Saku factory for its Japanese HQ. The Danish company has had a long-standing relationship with the Japanese camera and lens manufacturer, and since 2009 has owned 45% of the company's shares. Phase One sold customised Mamiya bodies and redesigned lenses under its own brand name, with the 645DF+ being a very close relation to the Mamiya 645AFD III cameras the two... more

Inspired by Tom Kucy’s recent short film “Ground Control,” Devon, UK-based photographer Chris Coupland took photos from... more

Flickr could soon find itself with a new owner. Yahoo is reportedly considering a sale of its struggling core Internet business, in which the photo sharing service Flickr — acquired back in 2005 for around $25 million — is just a small piece of the pie.

The... more

This is pretty big news if it turns out to be true: Nikon has reportedly acquired all of Samsung’s NX camera technology — a move that could shake up the digital camera landscape.

mirrorlessrumors heard about the deal... more

Instagram has been a big deal since it was launched in 2010. Here’s an indication of how influential the photo sharing app is: young parents are now naming their babies after Instagram’s photo filters.

That’s right. In a trend that’s being called “#Instagrambabies,” more and more parents are now giving their kids names like Lux, Valencia, Ludwig, and Reyes,... more

The CS100 Connect Station is a new product, first of its kind, from Canon, and it’s designed to be a home media hub for your photos and videos. It even integrates with your printers — so long as they are Canon brand — so you download, browse and print your favorite images from your sofa.

When it was announced earlier in the year reception was lukewarm... more

Back in 1907, a photo retoucher named C.H. Chaudry wrote an article for Volume 17 of Camera magazine titled “Faking the Negative.” In the piece, Chaudry describes the latest and greatest techniques... more

Adobe has updated Photoshop CC 2015 with the new features it detailed a few weeks ago as its MAX conference. Among the new, mostly designer-oriented features is a high-contrast touch-enabled interface, the ability to customize your Photoshop CC toolbar, direct SVG importing, Artboard improvements and support for Fuse CC, a 3D design application.

Joining the Photoshop CC update is the... more