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Here’s a short video clip showing a Formula 1 photographer doing a brief photo shoot with a car and driver during recent pre-season testing. We see how a backdrop is quickly wheeled into and out of the scene for just a few moments of shooting (and before the photographer gets a little scare from the driver).

The clip is from... more

Leica wants a piece of the smartphone photography boom. The iconic German camera company and Chinese telecom giant Huawei announced today that they’re teaming up in a long-term technology partnership to reinvent smartphone photography. The goal is a “visual world renaissance,” the companies say.

Huawei became the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in 2012, and in 2015 it became the first Chinese phone company to sell more than 100 million devices... more

CP+ 2016: Firing up the Quattro - Hands-on with new Sigma SD cameras and lenses

Sigma announced several new products at CP+ 2016, including two new cameras. The interchangeable lens SD Quattro And SD Quattro H represent a new departure for the company in two senses - both are mirrorless cameras, and the 'H' features an APS-H format sensor. More conventional are a new... more

LensRentals Leica SL 24-90mm F2.8-4 teardown

The Leica SL 24-90mm F2.8-4 may not break any new technical ground, but when the SL's 'kit' lens made its way to LensRentals headquarters, the team endeavored to take a careful look inside. With the solidly constructed lens partially disassembled, they got a closer look at its impressive number of moving elements. Take a look at some of the highlights here, and for a full look inside the 24-90mm... more

CP+ 2016: Hands-on with Nikon DL Compacts

DPReview is at the CP+ 2016 show in Yokohama, Japan, where Nikon announced three new compact cameras. The 'DL' range is distinct from the established Coolpix and 1-series lineups, and consists of three cameras built around the same 20MP 1"-type sensor. We headed straight to Nikon's booth to get hands-on time with the DL18-50, DL24... more

Lens manufacturer SLR Magic has announced 'significant' changes to the optical and mechanical specification of its Anamorphot-Cine 1.33x anamorphic lenses, which it says are now available. The lens set was first shown at IBC (the International Broadcasting Convention) at the end of last year, but the company says the latest versions have crucial differences although they dont say... more

One of the exciting new trends in smartphone photography is the emergence of the dual camera. LG just launched it in the new G5, and Apple will reportedly include it in the upcoming iPhone 7... more

In a surprise decision in the US court system, a federal judge ruled last Friday that photographing and filming police officers isn’t always protected by the First Amendment.

The two cases in question were Fields v. City of... more

The original Olympus PEN-F first hit the streets in 1963. Built around the half-frame film format, it quickly gained a following thanks to its beautiful, yet simple design and small size. Getting 70 images to a roll of film probably didn't hurt, either. Now, 53 years later the PEN-F is back.

The digital reincarnation of the 35mm film Olympus PEN-F does not replace the current digital PEN... more