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We seem to be hearing more and more stories of camera gear offices being broken into and plundered. Late last year it was $2 million in gear from three businesses in California. Last month it was $586,000 from LensProToGo. Now the latest is the Florida-based gear rental shop,... more

DxOMark published its sensor test scores for the 50.6-megapixel Canon 5DS and 5DS R DSLRs today, and the news is both good and bad for Canon shooters. On the good side, the cameras scored the highest scores (87 and 86, respectively) ever... more

Here’s an 8.5-minute video in which wedding photographer Susan Stripling shares her top 8 pitfalls of shooting weddings, and tips that can help photographers overcome them.

In case you’d like to jump around, here’s an index of the 8 tips and the time at which you can find... more

Director Sean Bakers latest film, Tangerine, features two transgender prostitutes in Los Angeleson a hunt to find a cheating boyfriend. If that premise isnt interesting enough to attract your interest, then consider how it was filmed: the movie had a budget of $100,000 and was filmed... more

Tokyo-based editorial photographer Irwin Wong is starting a new series of videos titled “Nissin Impossible.” Each episode will feature Wong trying to create the best photos he can while following unusual restrictions and conditions imposed on him by the folks over at the flash company... more

With Google’s first prototype version of its Glass head-mounted computer, users can take pictures by pressing a button on the side or by OK Glass, take a picture. In the future, composing a specific photo with Google Glass may be as easy as framing the shot with your fingers.

... more

Photoshop contains a world of post-production tools that photographers can use to bring their works of art to life. Today, we are taking a look at the technique of frequency separation, including how it works and how it can improve your images. For the rest of us without advanced knowledge of image processing, frequency separation is simply a method we can use to separate the colors and tones of a photograph from its textures. By utilizing this technique, you can obtain better control... more

Hillary Clinton raised some eyebrows at a 4th of July parade this past weekend after using rope to “wrangle” photographers and other journalists. It turns out that this trick wasn’t invented by Hillary’s campaign: her husband, Bill Clinton, had already used this technique over two decades ago.

The 30-second video above shows how Clinton’... more

Lensbaby has launched the Creative Mobile Kit, consisting of a mounting device and kickstand for your smartphone, and two lenses, the LM-20 and LM-30. The former captures a large sweet spot surrounded by gradually increasing blur, and the latter produces images with a sharp center surrounded by reflections. Read more

Panasonic USA has issued a statement in response to concerns on the forum about Lumix G7 serial numbers rubbing off. The statement aims to reassure customers, pointing out that the problem does not indicate that the cameras are not genuine and confirming that camera warranties are still valid, so long as you retain proof of purchase and the label from the camera box that states the serial number.... more