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Photo by Neville Elder

Mayas calm and thoughtful features hover kindly over her fathers hollowed face. Davids prominent cheekbones are exaggerated by the Chiaroscuro effect of a bare-bulbed lamp. Strings of dark hair frame Mayas profile in the windowless bedroom. Propped up on an elbow, she is beautiful, yet the role reversal is obscene.

Cancer — like a madman who begins and ends his massacre in our bodies — has catapulted this... more

Updated 12/3/15: Xiaomi's Yi Action Camera, initially available only in China, is now being offered in the US through Amazon. Thanks to promising specs and a low price point the Yi garnered a lot of interest at launch, and will no doubt interest shoppers who consider a GoPro too expensive. However, the $88 US list price exceeds original estimates, and orders placed now are estimated... more

Skydivers often photograph and film their jumps with a GoPro camera, but what happens if you want to shoot higher-quality photos with a DSLR? The solution is to mount it to your helmet and find a way to trigger the shutter.

Photographer Wolfgang Lienbacher demonstrated this... more

Pulse, a project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, aims to bring wireless control to many Nikon and Canon DSLRs. The device consists of a wireless controller that attaches to a camera's hot shoe and plugs into its USB port, connecting to Android and iOS smartphones over Bluetooth. Read more

Canon will start shipping its $30,000 ISO 4.46 million camera this month for people who need to shoot in pitch black environments. A similar technology that’s making a splash these days is “color night vision.”

A Las Vegas-based company called SPI has a color night vision sensor... more

The city of Chicago has agreed to pay $100,000 to a photographer who was beaten by police officers during the 2012 NATO summit, causing the destruction of one of his cameras.

WBEZ reports that Getty Images freelance... more

Polish photographer Rafa Krasa recently launched Eupidere, a new brand of high-end leather camera straps. He wanted some... more

Here’s a touching 45-second video by ifolor, a photo printing company based in Switzerland. It’s a simple story about an elderly couple who get to relive the moment they first met, all thanks to a photographer who was on hand to snap a few pictures.

“Make your greatest moments... more

Here’s a great 13-minute video in which John Hess of Filmmaker IQ teaches about the science and technology behind digital camera sensors. First, however, he revisits how photographic film worked, as some of the general concepts were carried over into the digital... more

One of the big rumors circulating in the photo world this week is that Nikon acquired Samsung’s NX technology to gain strength in the mirrorless camera industry. It’s an intriguing idea, but it’s also one that Samsung is now officially denying.

... more