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A few months ago I was working on putting together a still life shoot with a fantastic stylist and a friend of mine, Kiki Tse. She had come up with this beautiful idea for a shoot: to represent a person in a still life context by the use of some of their personal effects.

To know someone’s... more

Things haven’t been going well for B&H Photo Video, one of the biggest names in the photography retail industry. Just months after being slammed with accusations of mistreatment and... more

Let me begin by saying that Im not a hunter. But I am surrounded by hunters because I live in Minnesota. Ive heard countless stories about deer hunting from co-workers and friends, but the most interesting story was from a seasoned hunter who told me that now he only hunts for a trophy buck because hes hunted everything else and hes only interested in getting the big one.

He goes on to describe what the big one may look like broad shoulders, big neck, and apparently the size of... more

Ian and Erick Regnard are two Mauritian-born photographers who have won big awards for... more

Almost everything I do as a photographer comes back to this challenge: seeing light as a cinematographer would on set. I was recently reminded of this in conversation with a friend and fellow photographer as I was trying to think of the best advice I could give to someone wanting to step up their lighting game. So Im sharing one of my lighting journals from film school, it was my sort of ah ha moment after several semesters of confusion and frustration when it came to lighting.

... more

Instagram co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom paid a visit to the Pope at the Vatican yesterday. The photo sharing tycoon and the leader of the Roman Catholic Church chatted about the power of photography.

TIME reports that the two men discussed how images... more

Tablet selfie stick not ridiculous enough for you? Check out the Macbook Selfie Stick. It lets you mount a Macbook (or any laptop, for that matter) at the end of a long telescoping pole for easy self-... more

I was recently contacted by my cousin because a group was looking for volunteers to photograph 10 cancer survivor children. Without any hesitation, I contacted the person in charge and booked the shoot.

Not many people know it, but over 200,000 children all over the world develop cancer each year. As a single entity, cancer is the world’s leading killer, being the cause of 8.26 million deaths in 2012. In my own country, the Philippines, about 3,500 new... more

Into 'the land of Fuji'

Roger and Aaron over at LensRentals have been tearing lenses down again. This week they've 'eviscerated' Fujifilm's XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8R LM OIS - the company's mid-price tele zoom. The name may be redolent of a '$100 extra for a dual lens kit' zoom but inside they found surprises at every turn. And not just with regards the number of screws holding the... more

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Once a year, photographers turn their lenses toward Yosemite's Horsetail Fall and hope for the best. If the conditions are right, the waterfall will be transformed into a spectacle known as 'Firefall' as the mid-to-late February sun casts... more