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HTC today unveiled a new limited edition 24-karat gold version of the HTC One M9 smartphone. Unfortunately for HTC, there was just one small (and rather embarrassing) problem: one of the promo photos was taken with an iPhone.

Here’s the original Tweet that was posted earlier today to announce the new phone, which was launched to celebrate the end of the UEFA Champions League season over in Europe:

While the photo does capture the sleek and shiny look of... more

If you’re interested at all in bird watching and photography, Merlin Bird Photo ID is a website you should add to your bookmarks. It’s a new website that can help you identify the species of the bird in your photograph.

The site was created as a... more

Vivid is a festival of light and color thrown by the city of Sydney every year. Run by Destination NSW (the state’s tourism authority) and paid for by a mixture of state and business sponsorship, it’s an amazing looking event. At its core are the building takeovers in which they drop unique... more

The British TV channel Sky Arts recently asked a number of famous TV personalities the question: “Is photography an art?” You can hear their answers and thoughts on the matter in the 2-minute video above.

(via Sky Arts via... more

If you like the idea of online photo sharing but dislike the idea of popular users getting all the attention, ROL is a new app you should check out. It’s a competitive photo sharing service that focuses on promoting images based on their merits rather than on a photographer’s follower counts.... more

DPReview regular Alexander Jikharev counts Henri Cartier-Bresson among his photography heroes. When asked why, he quotes his understanding of photography as 'recognition, in real life, of a rhythm of surfaces, lines, and values.' That rhythm is alive and well in Jikharev's photography. Take a look at a few of his images here and find out more about him in our Q&A. See gallery... more

Back in March 2015, NYC-based photographer Joey L. traveled to the Kurdistan region of Iraq and Syria to start another one of his amazing personal projects. This time he pointed his camera at... more

With Sony dominating the mirrorless camera market, other companies are looking to find ways to make their hardware stand out in comparison. Fujifilm has chosen to design their custom sensor array, Olympus has focused on stunning video, and Samsung – well, they want to cram as much technology into a small package as they possibly can. The result is the NX500; and it is a real tiny camera with big promises.

The Samsung NX500 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens... more

Like single serving coffee pods, film canisters aren’t exactly the environment’s best friend. One startup over in Italy is trying to change that. Called compagnia-imago, the company is trying to create a high-quality eco-friendly film canister that’s biodegradable, compostable... more

Design technologist Roo Williams was recently tasked with creating a better way to capture corporate employee headshots. What he came up with is a Raspberry Pi-powered mobile photo booth that’s controlled entirely through the subject’s smartphone through a special website. He... more