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I’m a photographer who is in no way wedded to any particular aspect ratio. I will trim my images to whatever I consider suits them best, whether or not they fall to one of the recognized ratios or some non-integer ratio.

But, I resent losing pixels. In particular, square format images have to be sliced out of an already elongated 3:2 ratio image — 1/3 of the sensor’s pixels having to be ditched.

Easily selectable aspect ratios of... more

A few years ago, I decided that I would like to get into photography. So, I did some research and bought a fairly expensive DSLR camera. I also read lots of articles and books on how to take great pictures. The results were quite impressive. I was finally taking really good photographs.

So when I... more

Before and after with the Lee Filters Very Hard ND graduated filter

Lee Filters has announced a new range of neutral density graduated filters that have an extra hard transition from dark to clear, making them suitable for shooting seascapes and scenes in which the horizon is very flat. Along with these new 'very hard' graduates, the company has launched another range that has a '... more

We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of The Drakensberg before. It almost sounds like a region in Game of Thrones, but it’s not: it’s a mountain escarpment in South Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the subject of the timelapse above, and probably the newest addition to your bucket list.

The timelapse above was captured by UK-base landscape photographer... more

We were tipped to an “absurd” wedding photography job listing posted to Craigslist in New York City that apparently ruffled some feathers among photographers.

“I need a wedding photographer,” the person wrote. “We... more

Environmental portraits typically portray a person in their natural environment. Different from traditional portraits shot in a studio, locational portraits capture the character of the subject and give insight into their daily life making for a more personal image, generally telling some kind of story about who the subject is.

This can be achieved anywhere from their work place, home, or anywhere where they like to spend their time. However, you can also... more

I have these utopic dreams of a perfect camera. I want a camera that makes photos that are ultra-sharp, yet soft, affordable, yet fits in my front pocket, yet has tons of megapixels, yet can zoom to see anything but wide enough to shoot interiors.

I want a camera that has unlimited dynamic range, that operates like a film camera (with the convenience of digital).

This camera doesnt exist… and it will never exist.

Technology is the best when... more

VR is growing fast, and companies like GoPro don’t want to be left in the dust. A single GoPro can’t shoot 360 video, and so far multi-GoPro 360 rigs are all third party. Well, no more. Today we get to meet the Omni: GoPro’s official VR camera rig.

Like the third-party and 3D-printed DIY options out there, the Omni uses multiple GoPro cameras (in this case six... more

Whoa. This is pretty big if it’s true: a new report says that Sony is working on a new camera called the A9. It’s supposedly DSLR-like in its size and will feature unlimited RAW burst shooting.

The news... more

NASA just gave satellite imagery nerds a very big present: along with a bunch of other scientific data, the space agency just made 2.95 million images of Earth changing surface available to the public at no cost.

These images were captured by a... more