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With just over a week until PIX 2015, we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of our talented re:FRAME speakers. A former features editor at a daily newspaper, Aaron Draper's passion for lighting is evident from his 'Underexposed' photo series. Read more

As part of CreativeLive's annual 'Photo Week', DPReview took part in a panel discussion with other members of the photography industry to discuss technology, photography, and a lot more besides. Click through to watch the full discussion, featuring DPReview's editor Barnaby Britton with Pye Jirsa, Co-founder of SLR Lounge, Chris Robinson, former editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine and Jaron Schneider, Managing Editor of Resource Magazine Online

Oakland-based photographer Jennifer Little had her home broken into last week, and her loss was devastating. In addition to stealing 8 of her cameras, the burglars also took 21 hard drives containing Little’s life’s work as a professional photographer.

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Famous movies often have iconic movie posters that are easily recognizable at a glance. We’ve collected text-less versions of 23 different posters to offer a closer look at the photos that are used to create them.

These are the single images chosen to represent the movie to the public. Some are more retouched and manipulated than others.

American Sniper

Saving Mr. Banks

Black Swan

Casino Royale

Dirty Harry

Forrest Gump

Free Willy

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With just over a week until PIX 2015, we're taking the opportunity to introduce some of our talented re:FRAME speakers. Meet Colby Brown, a veteran travel photographer who's been to the ends of the earth and back for the shot. Read more

No. No. Please, no. A moment of terror for every photographer out there. I opened my photo bag, took out my camera to take a picture of the street filled with warm sunset light, and then it happened.

Imagine this moment in slow-motion: while listening to music with my noise-canceling headphones, I raised my camera in order to look through the viewfinder. Surprised by the incredibly bad auto-focus, I realized — with cheery music in my ears — that the lens had suddenly... more

Los Angeles-based photographer John Free is one of the great street photographers of our generation and one who regularly shares helpful advice videos and inspiring... more

Sometimes I make brief escapes from the humdrum of city life and venture into the woods to capture the majesty of nature. I ride around on my bicycle like a madman looking for interesting subjects to capture. The last time I did this, my beloved camera bounced out of my pocket somewhere along the bumpy road; Id gotten some good shots that day, quite a few actually, and keeping a stoic attitude while backtracking in search of my lost camera became increasingly difficult. Not only was... more

With a week and a half until PIX 2015, we're taking the opportunity to introduce you to some of our talented re:FRAME speakers. Cristina Mittermeier's resume is long, but it's easy to see the trend. Over a 20 year career, she's focused her energy on a number of conservation projects. Read more

Epson has announced that it will be selling four new printers for the professional market starting in November this year. The 24" and 44" models are designed for photographers, artists and graphic designers, and offer extended color gamut via improved 8- and 10-ink systems. Read more