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Over the years Ive done a lot of travelling, but I always came back to my home country, the Netherlands. Being completely at, having no mountains, no rocks, no skyscrapers, no good weather (usually), no super dark skies at night because of light pollution, I always feel a bit down when I come back from “spectacular” countries.

But that always goes away quickly. Theres a lot to appreciate in the Netherlands. Things that may be normal for us locals... more

TIME photojournalist Christopher Morris was apparently choke-slammed to the ground today during a Donald Trump rally in Radford, Virginia, by a US Secret Service agent.

The confrontation was captured by a number of cameras held by people at the... more

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A brown and chrome version of the OM-D E-M10 II compact system camera, first announced in January, has been launched worldwide by... more

Skier Nicolas Vuignier recently shared a viral video in which he created “bullet time” footage of himself skiing by swinging an iPhone 6 around his head using a special contraption he... more

One of the big stories in the photo industry this month was news that the US government is suing the camera superstore B&H Photo Video for discrimination and harassment of... more

Tamrac has a new line of Goblin gear pouches designed for individual lenses and cameras, as well as a couple larger accessory pouches for storing multiple items together. The product line includes half a dozen lens pouches, all with drawstring enclosures, three body pouches, two accessory pouches and one memory card wallet. 

The Goblin pouches feature ripstop nylon exteriors and quilted interiors. The lens pouches span bag models 0.3 to 2.4, with the smallest model (0.3... more

“When you push the shutter and take a photo, you’re a photographer… but are you an artist?” asks photographer Roger Ballen. “As an artist, I use photography as a medium to express my artistic vision.”

In the 3-minute video above, by... more

A year of field tests have taken DPR Editor Barney Britton and series director Eric Becker into some challenging shooting environments, so for a change of pace, at the end of last year the pair took the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV to the sun-soaked Yucatn peninsula. There they put Sony's pocket compact through all of the rigor that any traveler might - from shooting in underwater caves to selfies amidst historic Mayan ruins. Watch the video and see Sony's travel cam in its natural... more

As you can probably tell, last night we launched the biggest site redesign so far in the history of PetaPixel. While change is often hard and controversial, there are some big ones that we’ve made in response to reader feedback and needs over the years.

Here are some of the big features found in the new design:

1. Mobile

PetaPixel has a one column design for mobile readers now! No more trying to zoom in to small text to try to read articles.

2.... more
CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half

'I don't know, Rishi', I said in the press room, over warm coffee from a warm can. 'I don't know if I should do another 'things we found that had been cut in half' slideshow.' Rishi was silent. I went on: 'Is it even funny? And there aren't that many things at the show this year which have been cut in half. Mostly I've just seen things which are whole. I don't know whether I should do it'. 

Rishi looked up. There was pain in... more