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It seems 360-degree videos might be here to stay. In March, Youtube started to support the immersive video format, and now Facebook has introduced the technology as well. Soon, Facebook users will be able to share and view 360-degree videos in right from their News Feed. Read more

Samsung is bringing its Ditch the DSLR event to Seattle on October 7th, giving PIX 2015 attendees the opportunity to swap out an old DSLR for a new Samsung NX500. Read more

Photographer Anna Ostanina of St. Petersburg, Russia, has spent years working with alternative photo printing techniques. Her favorite is one called gumoil printing.

The 2-minute video above shows how Ostanina recently used the process to create a giant print showing the portrait... more

GoPro has introduced a new entry-level action camera, the HERO+ with Wi-Fi. In terms of specification, this model sits above the HERO, but below the recently launched HERO+ LCD. Read more

There are a number of products out there, from grid patterns to cute creatures, that are designed to make babies look at your camera while you’re photographing them.... more

Aputure’s latest Light Storm LS 1c is a powerful accessory for any photographer looking to light up their workspace. Today, we’re taking a look at how well the system handles, along with some of the unique features it has to offer including built-in wireless control and DMX... more

Porter Yates is a Brooklyn, New York-based photographer who takes his camera to the remote corners of the world, documenting the beauty and uniqueness of different cultures by embedding himself in those communities of people.

What’s more, the photography trips are entirely self-funded... more

Acclaimed Japanese photojournalist Kikujiro Fukushima passed away on September 24th, 2015, after suffering a stroke at the age of 94. Fukushima was known for his criticism of Japan’s decision to go to war in World War II, and he spent decades documenting both the war and the aftermath of it in his homeland.

Kikujiro Fukushima at age 20. Photographer unknown.

In the early years of his career, Fukushima pointed his camera at survivors of the... more

People around the world were treated to a supermoon lunar eclipse last night and early this morning. It’s a sight that won’t appear again for another 18 years (the next one is in 2033). Photographers around the world brought their cameras out to give the sight their best shot, and the results are spectacular. Here’s a rundown of some of the most beautiful photos and videos created.

Reader... more

GoPro just further expanded its action camera lineup after announcing the HERO+ LCD back in June. The new HERO+ is an even more affordable camera that drops the LCD screen while retaining 1080p60 recording and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The HERO+ has a price tag of $200, or $100 cheaper than the LCD version and $70 pricer than... more