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This is a story about a collaboration to overcome 19th century technology problems using 21st century technology to produce well lit portraits.

Luke White and I, Paul Alsop, are two English photographers living in New Zealand who came together in 2014 to make wet plate collodion portraits.

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Tumblr has just announced that it’s introducing support for Live Photos, a feature Apple released earlier... more

Street photographer Rinzi Ruiz and photojournalist Jonathan Alcorn are both based in the Los Angeles area, but their personal photography takes them to very different places. Ruiz thrives in the bustle of downtown L.A., while Alcorn loses himself photographing skateboarders and surfer-types at Venice Beach. They each find their zen in these environments, shooting until the sun is low in the sky, letting everything slip away except for the shot. Take a look at what zen means to... more

Dave Sandford is a professional sports photographer of 18 years whose hometown is London, Ontario, Canada. Over the past 4 weeks, for 2 to 3 days per week, Sandford has been driving 45 minutes to Lake Erie, spending up to 6 hours a day photographing the lake.

The photos are awe-... more

Singapore-based photographer Aram Pan of DPRK 360 has spent the past few years creating groundbreaking images inside the borders of North Korea. His latest feat: becoming the first foreigners to fly over Pyongyang in a North Korea-built light airplane.

The 15-minute video above is Pan’s... more

Developing an efficient workflow is probably one of the greatest battles of any photographer, self included. This applies doubly to the professional who works from home, with so many distractions all trying to peel me away from sitting at that desk any longer than I have to. It’s a challenge to stay on point, day to day, getting work done in a timely fashion, especially when hey, I’m a photographer, I should be out photographing things, right? Thankfully the... more

Epson has announced its latest electronic viewfinder panel: a 4.41m dot SXGA+ display, a spec that may sound familiar to anyone who's been reading about Leica's SL full-frame mirrorless camera. Epson had shown a mockup of the panel at CP+ back in February 2015, and says the unit is now in mass production.

The 4.41m dot unit offers an SXGA+ display: 1,400 x 1,050 pixels. This equates to 1.87x as many... more

I have found it difficult to specialize in one genre of photography as a full-time photographer in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg is considered the smallest big city in Canada, and I find myself doing a whole lot of everything, including but not limited to: portraits, food, architecture, events, and a lot of other random gigs.

Though I completely enjoy the diversity of assignments I shoot, I have been actively trying to specialize in portrait work, and you may remember... more

Back in 1909, a super-rich French banker named Albert Kahn decided to create a photographic record of the world using the new color photography process that had just appeared, the... more

Alien Skin has launched Exposure X, its non-destructive photo editor and film emulation software for Mac OS X and Windows. Exposure X is the successor to Exposure 7, and functions as both a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop as well as a standalone editor. Features include a revamped user interface, RAW image editing, and an import system that doesn't use a catalog file.

Plans to release Exposure X were... more