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Canon 100-400 F4.5-5.6L IS USM Mark II Review

The king is dead, long live the Mark II. After 15 long years, Canon finally upgraded one of the biggest-selling telezooms of all time - the 100-400mm F4.5-5.6L IS USM. The Mk II version has the same headline specifications but with enhanced features and improved performance all-round. While the new model is better for sure, when comparing the Mk I and Mk II side... more

Here’s a fun little 7-minute video tutorial on how you can create interesting water illusions using an ordinary camera and some sound. It has to do with syncing the water drops to your camera’s frame rate.

What you’ll need is some running water, a digital camera, a speaker, and a tone generator app. By sending a bass tone through the speaker at a frequency that matches up with the frame rate of your camera (e.g. 24hz bass tone and your camera recording at 24fps... more

In his famous book The Art of War, Sun Tzu writes: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear... more

For the Adobe MAX 2015 conference in Los Angeles back in October 2015, Adobe invited photographer Eric Par to create a 360-degree light painting photo booth for attendees to experience.

“It turned into one of the most amazing project I’ve ever... more

We launched a major redesign of the PetaPixel website this week. Thanks for all the feedback you’ve provided thus far, from the angry complaints to the happy compliments — we appreciate hearing them all. Now we’d like to hear more of your thoughts on what you’d like to see.

Post Column Layout

With the redesign, we’re splitting up posts on the home... more

If you love both Netflix and Instagram, there’s a sweet new job opening that may interest you. Netflix is looking to hire “Grammasters” — or master Instagram snappers — to visit TV and movie sets in Europe and document them in Instagram photos.... more

Photographer Patrick Demmons shoots tintype portraits for about $60 a pop through his Revival Tintype studio in Oakland, California. In the 2.5-minute profile above by WIRED, Demmons offers a short and sweet look at what tintype photography is and how it’s done.

Here’s... more

Nikon just announced that it’s expanding its recall of its D750 DSLR over the shutter issue that caused ugly lens flares to show up in some photographers’ photos.

As you may... more

The Panasonic Lumix ZS100 made its debut in early January, offering a sizable 25-250mm equivalent zoom range to complement its 1"-type sensor. With a built-in viewfinder it certainly looks to be travel-ready, so we've taken it across land and sea to gather some initial sample images. While Adobe Camera Raw support isn't available yet, we've made a few in-camera Raw... more

Fujifilm’s Instax brand of instant film has seen a boom in popularity in recent years — it... more