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Google’s ongoing Project Ara effort features a modular smartphone with interchangeable camera add-ons. It looks like Samsung is thinking about taking modular smartphone photography a step further: a new patent shows a smartphone with a modular lens mount that can be added to support interchangeable lenses.

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Researchers at the University of Washington have figure out how to create 3D time-lapse video sequences of landmarks by using a collection of still photos found on the Internet. The 7-minute video above is a short presentation that shows the technology in action.

Unlike previous work in this field, which assumed a static camera (the scientists shared their earlier progress back in May... more

'Prince of the Night'. Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, Argentinian Patagonia, April 2014

In this article I'd like to take you far away to Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, a well known national park in Argentinian Patagonia. I visited Patagonia in April 2014 and spent a month scouting for my '... more

GoPro has released a new update to its iOS app that turns the Apple Watch into a remote control for GoPro action cameras.

The minimalist app puts a few controls right on your wrist: you can preview your shot, toggle between capture modes, start/... more

Back in May, Google unveiled its new Photos service, which offers free and unlimited photo storage for preserving life’s memories. Now the company is going a step further by making the experience social: a new shared albums feature allows you to build photo collections together with friends and family.

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Photographer Jonny Armstrong‘s portfolio is filled with some of the most remarkable wildlife photos you’ll ever see: many of the portraits have a studio-like quality to them, and they’re often taken from just a few feet away.

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It’s no secret that Ricoh has a full frame Pentax DSLR up its sleeve. The camera is set to debut in the Spring of 2016, and a 24-70mm lens has already been announced for the body.

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RED has introduced its new Scarlet-W and Scarlet-W Monochrome pro-grade cameras. Both models feature RED's Dragon sensor with recording options that include 5K/60fps, 4K/150fps, and 2K/300fps. Additionally, the Scarlet-W Monochrome makes it possible to capture black and white footage with enhanced resolution and improved light sensitivity. Thanks to a durable and lightweight design, Scarlet-W is suitable for on-the-go projects.

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Tokyo’s police force has come up with a clever solution for dealing with rogue drones: they’re going to catch them using larger drones and giant nets.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department announced yesterday that the goal of the crime-fighting drones is to defend important locations with “the worst-case scenario in mind.” It’s not just the use of camera drones to spy on sensitive locations that authorities are concerned about, but things like... more

Apollo 15 was the 4th NASA mission to land astronauts on the moon. On the way home in early August 1971, Command Module Pilot Alfred Worden picked up a Hasselblad camera on board and captured this amazing shot of the crescent Earth, illuminated by sunlight from the side and basked in the beam of a lens flare.

This particular 70mm film magazine (#99) contained spectroscopic film for ultraviolet photographs. The photo is officially titled “AS15-99-13487.”

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