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Unlike iOS, Android supports the capture and processing of Raw photos. Chances are that if you own a late model mobile device running either Lollipop or Marshmallow, you should now be able to use the Adobe DNG Raw format, the headline feature in the recently updated Lightroom for Android 2.0. We tried out the new Raw workflow, from mobile to desktop and back again. Read more

Between the 1950s and 1980s, large-scale residential districts were built in and around Paris, France, to provide affordable housing for a booming population. Known as “grands ensembles,” these sprawling complexes were poorly planned and constructed, leading to their eventual abandonment as residents found other places to live.

However, there are still some senior citizens who call the housing projects home. For his project... more

When the Leica camera was born in the early 1900s, it was the first practical 35mm camera to use standard 35mm cinema film. In 1930, Leica introduced the Leica I Schraubgewinde, which used an interchangeable lens system based on the Leica LTM (Leica Thread Mount) 39mm screw thread.

Want a peek of the inner workings of Leica’s early LTM camera? Today’s your lucky day.

In its September 1939 issue, the publication The Cine-Technician... more


Yes, we have already posted a fair amount about the full-frame Pentax K-1, and no, this does not mean that we are in Ricoh's pocket. But what Ricoh did offer us was a pre-production K-1 at CP+ 2016 in Yokohama, and the freedom to do whatever we wanted to with it (except post full-resolution images, for now). How could we not take advantage of that? 

... more

The SD Association (SDA) has introduced a Video Speed Class rating, designed to identify cards capable of 8K, 4K, 3D and 360 video capture. The speed class, which guarantees minimum sustained performance, comprises five ratings: V6 (6MB/sec), V10 (10MB/sec), V30 (30MB/sec), V60 (60MB/sec) and V90 (90MB/sec).

Part of the Secure Digital 5.0 standard, the Video Speed Class ratings not only make use of the latest (and future) NAND technologies but are also closely tied to... more

Leica caused quite a stir last month by jointly announcing with the Chinese smartphone company Huawei that they’re partnering up to “reinvent smartphone photography.”

Now, newly leaked photos of an upcoming Huawei P9 smartphone show a dual camera system that reportedly is the first to feature Leica glass.

... more

The prestigious World Press Photo photojournalism contest was rocked by scandal last year after 20% of finalists were disqualified and the grand prize winner was stripped of his award, leading to the... more

Two pixels on a hard drive were having a conversation. Here’s how it went…

What are you doing?
Nuthin. What are YOU doing?
Been here a long time?
Not really, but in pixel years, yeah. About 3. You?
Ive got you beat; Ive been here 4 years. Im the old guy.
Come on, now; thats not old.
Maybe not in the real world, but it is for us.
Yeah, I feel ya. Im only 3 and I already dont feel great.
Uh-oh.... more

Here’s something that’s both punny and bright. Polaroid has created a new handheld light called the… wait for it…... more