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The prestigious World Press Photo photojournalism contest was rocked by scandal last year after 20% of finalists were disqualified and the grand prize winner was stripped of his award, leading to the... more

Two pixels on a hard drive were having a conversation. Here’s how it went…

What are you doing?
Nuthin. What are YOU doing?
Been here a long time?
Not really, but in pixel years, yeah. About 3. You?
Ive got you beat; Ive been here 4 years. Im the old guy.
Come on, now; thats not old.
Maybe not in the real world, but it is for us.
Yeah, I feel ya. Im only 3 and I already dont feel great.
Uh-oh.... more

Here’s something that’s both punny and bright. Polaroid has created a new handheld light called the… wait for it…... more

Actress Lena Dunham, the creator and star of the HBO show Girls, is apologizing to the Spanish magazine Tentaciones today after publicly accusing them of Photoshopping her body for their latest cover photo. It turns out the magazine wasn’t to blame.

The story erupted yesterday after Dunham published a photo of the cover on Instagram to her 2.4 million followers.

“I am genuinely honored to be on... more

On the day after Spotlight won the Oscar of Best Picture for celebrating hardscrabble journalism that uncovered decades of sexual abuses by the Catholic Church, a Secret Service agent grabbed the neck of a 58-year-old photojournalist and threw him to the ground.

The photojournalist, veteran Christopher Morris, tried to move outside the press pen to... more

The SD Association has announced its latest SD memory card specification. SD 5.0 features the fastest speed class so far, known as Video Speed Class. The cards will be able to support 4K, 8K, 3D, and 360-degree video recording (in addition to blazing-fast photo shooting speeds).

There’s a new Video Speed Class mark that you’ll be able to find on memory cards (SDHC, SDXC UHS-I and UHS-II) and digital cameras — matching up the marks can help... more

While photographing and filming our way through Sigma's booth this year at CP+ 2016 in Yokohama, one rather understated product may have just stolen the show for a number of Sony shooters, as well as our Tech Editor Rishi Sanyal.

Put simply, the Sigma MC-11 adapter allows the use of Sigma-mount and Canon-mount Sigma... more

Nikon has announced that the shutter fault in its D750 that it acknowledged in July last year, may be found in cameras from a much wider manufacturing period. Initially it was thought that the issue, in which the shutter occasionally shades part of the image, occurred in cameras produced between October and November 2014. The company has now discovered the same problem in models made... more

The Sony a6300 has some sizable shoes to step into. With a 24MP CMOS APS-C sensor, 8 fps continuous shooting with live view, 425-point on-sensor phase detect AF system and 4K video capture it looks like a solid update to the a6000, at least on paper. Eager to get our hands on a fully functional model, we joined Sony in Miami for some shooting opportunities. From bright white beaches to the... more