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Kansas-based hair colorist Ursula Goff recently shared these two selfies side-by-side to show... more

Want to see which of your Instagram photos made the biggest splash in 2015? 2015bestnine is a new website designed for just that. There’s no login or registration required: simply enter the account username you’d like to see, and the site will spit out the 9 most liked photos of the year... more

Street photographer Willem Jonkers often hits the streets of Rotterdam in the Netherlands with an ultra-wide-angle 8mm fisheye lens. He then approaches strangers and gets not only close, but low — really low.

His collection of ultra-low, ultra-wide street portraits show a... more

Here’s a short 3-minute comedy video by Mashable that offers a “behind the scenes” look at how Facebook autotags the photos you share with the names of your friends and family. No, it’s not a sophisticated facial recognition algorithm, the video says. Instead, it’s a brilliant, dedicated, and real live human named Paul Zuckerberg.

“How does Facebook’s facial recognition really work? Meet Paul, the guy who looks through every... more

Peter Hurley wasn't always a noted portrait photographer with a great head of hair - before he ever picked up a camera he was a bartender, actor and model. With encouragement from Bruce Weber he purchased a camera and lens and the rest is history. Ever the engaging storyteller, Hurley takes us through the beginnings of his career and how he learned to stand out in a crowded field.

My photographic style has always favored precision and sharpness with rich tones and vibrant colors.  I also have a bit of a control issue - my inner engineer likes predictable behaviors and consistent results. But sometimes I get into a photographic rut and I need something to give me a creative jump-start. Where do I turn? To... more

When my children were little they would collect things in their pockets. They were little pack rats; the kid version of hoarders. Anything that caught their eye would go into their pocket for safe keeping: a colorful leaf; a Skittle, a Happy Meal toy. And, like most moms, I would have to carefully search their pockets before putting their dirty clothes into the wash.

But, now and then, I would miss something, like the time I missed the rock.

Yes, my son had found a rock at... more

Photographer David Hobby is best known for his popular blog Strobist, which has introduced countless photographers around the world to the art of shooting with off-camera flashes. Today, Hobby just... more

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National Geographic just announced the 2015 winners for its prestigious photo contest. Over 13,000 entries were received from around the world, and just 13 photos were chosen from that number for special recognition.

The grand prize winner this year was photographer... more