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My name is Grzegorz Sawa-Boryslawski, and I’m a Polish photographer whose work since 2005 has been focus on pinhole and zone plate photography. In 2014 and 2015, I shot the world’s first pinhole photos inside the... more

The backlash has begun. A day after Instagram announced that its feed will soon be ordered by a Facebook-style curation algorithm, over 100,000+ people have signed an online petition to “... more

Here’s a fun little piece of photography trivia: did you know that when it was released in 1998, the Game Boy Camera was the world’s smallest digital camera?

Known as the Pocket Camera in Japan, the Nintendo-made camera accessory plugged into your Game Boy and allowed you to shoot 256224-pixel black-and-white photos using the a 4-color palette.

Photo by... more

In its methodology, photography can be reduced to a series of decisions that determine the exact characteristics of each photo. When conducting street photography, in particular, the opportunity to make these decisions is limited.

The process begins slowly, with lots of time allowed for selecting gear, setting the camera, and so on. It then advances to a fast stage with often little time for the photographer to react — the actual moment when the... more

The Sony a6300 is the company's latest mid-range mirrorless camera. Like the a6000 it still offers 24MP resolution but the autofocus ability, video capability, build quality, viewfinder resolution and price have all been increased.

The most exciting change from our perspective is the a6300's new sensor. Although the pixel count remains the same, the a6300's sensor has a... more

Getting a baby panda to stay still for your camera can be hard work. Here’s an adorable 1-minute video showing how one tiny giant panda cub that just wouldn’t work with a photographer/videographer during a shoot — it just kept chasing the photographer and grabbing onto his legs.

The guy may not have gotten the photos or footage he wanted, but the interaction made for a fantastically cute behind-the-scenes video.

(via... more

Mounting frustration with Washington politics has outsider candidates surging in the 2016 election. The obvious examples across the partisan divide are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Although different in substance and tone neither Trump nor Sanders are the image of their party’s establishment.

Friends and relatives will offer inflammatory comment about their radical supporters hoping to set straight whoever is listening.

“Who wants a neo-... more

Phase One released Capture One Pro 9.1 today, and the latest version of the photo editing software brings a number of new features and performance upgrades.

“This release is themed to address workflow efficiency for all our... more

Film discontinuations are more common than new film announcement these days, but the latter is exactly what Japan Camera Hunter had today: it’s... more

The Phase One XF camera system received a significant update today, with improvements to its autofocus system and user interface along with additional shooting tools such as focus stacking and HDR. Two new 'Blue Ring' lenses have also been added, along with an update to the company's Capture One software.

The update provides Phase One's medium-format XF system with tools to help automate focus stacking and time-lapse capture, as well as... more