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Before the popularization of color film, most cameras shot exclusively in black and white. Leica's M Monochrom (Typ 246) and its predecessor, the M Monochrom, are remarkable not only because they shoot in black and white, but because they offer no option for recording in color. Is the black-and-white-only digital camera a radical concept, or a costly novelty? We ponder its existence.... more

The camera gear brand Miggo has unveiled a new camera carrier called the AGUA. It’s a weather resistant bag that looks and feels like a wet suit designed for cameras instead of people.

On the outside of the bag is a layer of waterproof tarpaulin in matte black, and on the inside is a layer... more

Then and now” photo projects are all the rage these days, but the video above puts a unique spin on the idea. It’s titled “Yesterday’s Tomorrow: A Portland Journey,” and is a magical tour of Portland, Oregon, with vintage photographs weaved into modern day video of different places in the city.

... more

Alpine Labs has announced their latest Kickstarter project, the... more

Legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry’s assistant has been arrested in connection with the theft of prints, books, and items from McCurry’s studio worth a whopping $654,358.

In a press release, the district attorney of Chester County, Pennsylvania,... more

Staring into a mirror and taking a self-portrait with a camera is nothing new. People have been trying to find ways to take their photographs since the 19th century. As humans, we take an interest in ourselves – a curiosity with a dash of self-obsession. A photograph can acknowledge our existence and allow us to view ourselves from the standpoint of others around us. Here are a collection of mirror self-portraits from years passed.

The... more

This past weekend, journalist Josiah Daniel Ryan visited a public pier in New York City to shoot a video of some boats there. He was then confronted by a number of security guards, one of whom told him that tripods “are not allowed on New York City property.”

The security... more

Phase One today unveiled its new XF Camera System, a major redesign of its digital imaging offerings. The system features “robust, aerial-grade mechanics, advanced electronics, a new autofocus platform, new modularity options, new software... more

The EF 50mm F1.8 STM is Canon's newest iteration of its classic 'nifty fifty' lens. It's a fast, inexpensive normal lens on a full frame DSLR, but also functions as an 80mm equivalent lens on Canon's APS-C bodies. How does it perform in real-world use?  We've been using the lens for a few days and put together a gallery of samples. We took quite a few shots at wide apertures to see how the lens performed, but have also included photos taken at smaller... more

Phase One has announced its new modular medium format XF camera system. The body features a new 'Honeybee' autofocus platform (created 'in-house'), touchscreen interface, and your choice of optical viewfinders. It supports the company's IQ1 and new IQ3 digital backs, with the latter supporting resolutions of up to 80MP. Also announced today are a pair of Schneider lenses and an updated version of Capture One software.... more