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After hearing that a hundred-year-old building was soon to be demolished in downtown Vancouver, artist Joel Nicholas Peterson had an idea: why not give the building one last hurrah by turning it into one of the world’s largest “disposable” cameras?

Peterson did just that,... more

The RX10 II is an extremely versatile camera and so far, it has impressed us with its ability to perform well in most scenarios. But what about sports photography? We decided to bring it to the soccer field and pit it against a DSLR to see if it could keep up. The results? Find out here


Startup Overlab has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund Hobie: a personal time lapse tool with the heart of a kitchen timer. Hobie utilizes an actual ordinary kitchen timer at its base to rotate the camera mount perched upon it. Simply... more

A couple in Chicago recently posed for an adorable engagement photo shoot in which they recreated the opening love scene from the 1961 Disney movie “101 Dalmatians.”

In case you’ve never seen it before, here’s the classic scene:

Photographer Melissa... more

There’s a new GoPro housing that wants to transform the way your GoPro looks and works. Newly launched today, it’s called the Exo GP-1, and it’s a shell that makes your GoPro look like a stylish classic camera while giving it more functionality.

The shell helps improve still... more

Back in July, Polish landscape photographer Jakub Polomski spent two weeks traveling around Iceland and shooting aerial photographs with his DJI Phantom 3 Advanced camera drone. The resulting photographs are gorgeous.

Polomski drove a total of 4000 kilometers (nearly 2,500 miles), both... more

Dear Photographer,

It is no secret that local business is suffering in the digitized times, with camera stores being some of the worst to feel this pinch. In our region, we are one of the only camera stores for miles in each direction. Many of our customers drive upwards of 2 hours just to come into our store to shop with us, which says a lot about the state of the photo retail world, and how far great customer service reaches.

The economic swings we have had over the past... more

As the National Football League season sweeps in, sports photographers across the United States take to the stadiums to create iconic images. In a Q&A below, veteran sports photographer Otto Greule shares insider knowledge & outstanding imagery to give insight into his fast-paced, visual craft.

Paid apps have been in decline for some time across all platforms and now the makers one of the most popular camera apps for iOS, Camera+, have decided to adopt the so-called freemium model and offer a free version of their app that can be expanded via in-app purchases. Read more

One of the first cameras to make a permanent photographic image has left the UK for the first time to be part of an exhibition hosted by the Japan Camera Museum in Tokyo. The so-called Mousetrap camera, used by William Henry Fox Talbot in his early experiments in creating the negative process in the 1830s, is the centre-piece of an exhibition entitled Kingdom of Elegance, Mahogany and Brass which shows off early cameras from the UK’s photographic industry. Sponsored by The British... more