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When photographer Ashraful Arefin‘s bunny had babies recently, he decided to document the growth of the new family members through a series of daily photos. Over the course of 24 days, Arefin shot 16 beautiful portraits of the siblings, named Totoro and Chihiro,... more

Google Street View is an incredibly powerful tool that has helped to advance mapping in the 21st century. Since the company announced the ability to walk within and view 360-degree photographs of business locations, owners have been taking advantage of the feature to make... more

Camera apps these days already have the ability to analyze your scenes before you shoot them, but what if they could analyze your food before you eat it? That’s what Google researchers are working on: they’re trying to teach a computer to calculate calories from ordinary snapshots of food.

... more

What if a camera drone were the monster in a Hollywood horror movie? That’s what filmmaker Jordan Rubin imagines in the clever parody trailer above for a fake film titled “The Drone.” It’s a story of a... more

What do you get if you mount a giant $60,000 broadcast lens to a tiny mirrorless camera? That’s what YouTube user... more

Here’s a fascinating 14-minute documentary about the work of Chris Farina, one of the world’s top boxing photographers and the official shooter for... more

Lensbaby is known for crafting unique optics that allow photographs to take creative control of their work. Four of the company’s flagship lenses are now available for... more

A team of five photographers has created what they describe as the world's highest resolution panoramic photograph by stitching 70,000 digital images together to create a 365 gigapixel photograph. Recorded using a Canon EOS 70D with the EF 400mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens on a 2x converter, the picture took 35 hours of shooting over the course of 15 days just to capture. ... more

Jessica Lehrman is a 26-year-old Brooklyn-based documentary photographer who captures the glamor and grit of contemporary underground movements, from the underbelly of New York City’s hip hop community to protests and social revolutions.

Here’s a short 5-minute documentary... more

The debate between analog and digital may never end, but there can be a happy medium. One of the reasons that analog continues to live on is due to the wondrous ‘color profiles’ that one can find in different packages of film, along with their unique grain profiles. VSCO, a company that designs presets for Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, has released their latest collection “... more