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Taylor Gray may be young, but he's serious about photography. After taking a borrowed DSLR on a backpacking trip, Gray was hooked on photography and found a new love for adventure and travel. See some of the young photographer's work. Read more

Thirty years after it first began, the Nikon International Small World Competition continues to highlight outstanding photography of the invisible world right in front of our eyes - the world captured by photomicrography. The competition is open to professionals and amateurs alike worldwide, and first prize nets the winner $3,000 toward the Nikon gear of their choosing.... more

If you’re one of those who’s unhappy about the redesigned Lightroom Import tool that appeared in the latest update, there’s some great news for you today: Adobe has heard your cries, and now the company says that it will restore the previous import experience.

In case you haven’t been following the story, here’s what has happened over the... more

Earlier this month Microsoft launched the long-awaited successors to the Nokia Lumia 930 and 1520: the Lumia 950 and 950XL. Now a post on the Microsoft Devices Blog provides some more detail about the camera hardware and software in the new models, along with some impressive-looking sample images. Read more

A spirograph is a geometric drawing toy that produces beautiful mathematical curves by rolling a smaller circle inside... more

Instagram has over 400 million active users now, and top photographers on the service can make thousands of dollars per photo by promoting products. With the value of Instagram followers increasing, it seems that some people are now trying to use their... more

As camera drones become increasingly popular as a relatively cheap and easy way to capture aerial photos and videos, there are more and more stories in the news of drone accidents being caused by poor piloting. For those who wish to capture pro-quality shots without having to worry about piloting drones themselves, a group of researchers at Stanford want to help: they’ve create a computer tool that lets you create a shot virtually and then have a camera drone automatically turn... more

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San Diego-based wedding photographers Jeff and Erin Youngren got an unexpected surprise this past weekend after President Obama stepped into the scene. The wedding was at the Torrey Pines golf course in San Diego, and Obama happened to be playing a round of golf on Sunday.

When the photographers... more

Polarr has released Photo Editor 3, the third version of its lightweight photo editing software. The new version brings with it support for using a mouse and a touchscreen, as well as a new user interface, adjustment sliders, photo editing guides, and other features. Read more