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Fujifilm helped popularize the retro camera aesthetic with its X-series line of cameras, and the next generation will continue that trend. The company is set to announce a set of new models later this month, and now photos and specs of one of them, the X70, have leaked ahead of the unveiling.

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Camera drones have exploded onto the scene in the past few years, and they’re being used by photographers around the world as a cheap and easy way to obtain aerial photos and videos. But what if you want both the convenience of a drone and the joy of being able to see and shoot things from the air with your own eyes and camera?

That’s where something like the... more

If the only things you care about in a digital camera are novelty and thinness, then the “Paper Like a Digital Camera” is for you. It’s a retro-styled toy camera that measures just 6mm thick thanks to its barebones construction — it’s essentially a set of tiny camera components sandwiched between paper parts.

The front and back of the 6.8x2x0.6cm camera are held together by a pair of plastic nuts and screws. There’s an LED light for... more

After launching its peer-to-peer camera gear rental network back in 2013, CameraLends is now pushing into new territory: mobile.

The startup just launched an iPhone app... more

It seems that there’s finally some resolution in the curious legal battle between PETA and a photographer over whether a monkey owns the copyright to the viral selfies he shot back in 2011.

A federal judge in San Francisco said yesterday that he’s... more

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For the first time in over thirty years, Kodak has announced plans to launch a Super 8 cine camera, introducing a model that mixes analogue and digital technology. The new camera, which doesn't appear to have a name other than Kodak Super 8 Camera... more

ZEISS today announced that it is partnering with Fellowes Brands to create a premium line of lens accessories for smartphone photography, “setting a new quality standard” in the space.

Three lenses have been created so far: a wide-angle, a... more

Video effects specialist Robert McIntosh was recently featured by Vimeo for this 2-minute video showing an unusual continuous shot captured with a camera drone.

It “seems impossible flying through signs, benches and fences from the street to the coast to reveal a perfectly lit Los Angeles all without a single cut,” McIntosh says. “And it was made with the cheapest of gear as well.”

If you value your gear, this probably isn’t something you want... more

Smartphone accessory lens manufacturer ExoLens is to introduce three new lenses that use optics and designs from Zeiss. The lenses will be a zoom macro adapter as well as wideangle and telephoto convertors that will screw into a frame that fits around the phone. The macro lens will allow focusing from as a close as 30mm, and will... more