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Switzerland-based company TH Swiss has introduced the Irix 15mm F2.4 lens for DSLR cameras. The manual focus lens features a 'neutrino' coating that helps keep ghosting, color aberration and flare under control.... more

Apple today unleashed the iPhone SE, a new smaller 4-inch iPhone for people who want to upgrade from the iPhone 5S while keeping the screen size the same.

The phone is essentially an iPhone 6S shrunk down to the size of an iPhone 5S. Apple says it’s “the most powerful 4-inch smartphone ever.”

On the back of the phone is an upgraded 12-megapixel camera — no there’s no... more

Pentax’s first ever full-frame DSLR, the Pentax K-1, is designed to be rugged and built like a tank. To test how much the camera can handle, one guy decided to give it a mud bath and water shower.

In the 1.5-minute video above, we see... more

What do you nd when you search for Copenhagen on popular photo sites? Generally it’s Nyhavn, the 17th-century waterfront and entertainment area. But not only that: to my surprise, I also found some cool science ction subway shots taken out of the subway system.... more

This new video by COOPH is a 2-minute love letter to action sports photography.

“We love action sports photography,” COOPH says, “and this is our tribute to the photographers who travel the planet in their unrelenting pursuit of the perfect... more

Face swap camera apps are all the rage these days, and Facebook even acquired one this month to get into the game. But the technology is getting more and more creepy: you can now hijack someone else’s face in real-time video.

A team of researchers at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Max Planck Institute for Informatics, and Stanford... more

I’ve been doing high speed photography for a while, now but I’ve doing it manually. After some time you get used to the timing but will still miss some of the shots, and with high speed photography you can’t afford to miss that one perfect shot. MIOPS is a $239 smart trigger that helps you nail the shot in high speed photography.

Let’s... more

Dear Portrait Photographers,

You do not cure cancer.
You dont have the power to stop the path of a tornado
or make rain fall on a land covered in drought.
You take pictures of people.

And although you arent performing surgery or landing a spaceship on a comet
You still have a gift to share.
And that gift affects lives

For in front of your cameras stand people
And people, well, they often wear masks disguised as a smile... more

One of the great civil rights movement photographers has died. Bob Adelman found dead with a head wound this past weekend in his Miami Beach home.

The... more

Renowned photojournalist David Burnett just posted this short 2-minute video showing how you load film into the old screw-mount, knob-wind Leica II, a rangefinder introduced in 1932.

“Loading the unloadable 1932 Leica II,” Burnett says. “It’s not that easy!”... more