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The Smithsonian has just announced the winning photos of its 13th annual Photo Contest. A total of 9 winning shots were selected from over 46,000 submissions from photographers in 168 different countries.

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Tamron has announced pricing and availability for its recently released SP 85mm F1.8 Di VC USD. According to the company, the lens will launch this Thursday, March 24 in Canon and Nikon mounts for $749. Tamron also plans to launch a Sony mount lens later this year, but has not provided a launch date at this time.

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In addition to announcing a new iPhone and iPad Pro yesterday, Apple also introduced Liam, a recycling robot that it uses to automatically salvage recyclable materials from old, defunct iPhones.

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In yet another example that maintaining dominance within a space cannot be taken for granted, Flickr announced earlier this month that they are only allowing auto-uploads from the desktop for paying customers. Wired declared... more

Back in July 2015, Canon announced the Canon ME20F-SH, a multi-purpose camera with a $30,000 price tag and a max ISO of 4.5 million. This 11-minute video is a closer look at the camera’s features and abilities.

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Between the 1940s and the 1970s, one of the big cameras used by sports photographers was the Graflex “Big Bertha,” a giant 120 lb camera that shoots 5×7 photos. At least one of these cameras is still seeing action.

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20 years ago, before Apple became dominant in the world of photography thanks to the iPhone, the company sold a standalone camera called the Apple QuickTake. Released in 1996, the $600 Apple QuickTake 200 shot 0.3 megapixel photos.

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Our testing shows that Canon's EOS 80D features a sensor with greatly improved Raw dynamic range. The results appear to confirm the company has moved to a new sensor design with lower read noise.

Previous Canon sensors have conducted the analogue to digital conversion step away from the sensor, an approach that contributed noise that limited dynamic range at low ISO settings (while still allowing the excellent high ISO performance that Canon's CMOS chips built a reputation with). The... more

Apple's latest iPad Pro variant combines the 9.7-inch form factor of the iPad Air series with the desktop-level processing power of the original iPad Pro, providing an alternative for those who find the latter's 12.9-inch display and overall dimensions too large. Read more