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German flash manufacturer Metz has said that the mecablitz 44 AF-2 flash unit that it announced at the end of last year will be available immediately in the UK at a price of 179.99. The gun is an update of the 44 AF-1, and brings with it compatibility with Fuji's X-system and a built-in LED for videographers. 

Originally announced in November last year, the 44 AF-2 is designed for full frame and APS-C DSLRs, as well as a collection of mirrorless cameras. It has a maximum guide... more

Looking at a new Apple patent that has recently surfaced, it appears we might see a dual-camera setup in future iPhone generations. The design uses two camera modules, one with a wide-angle lens and another with a longer focal length. Throw some Apple software wizardry into the mix and you get yourself a smartphone zoom lens that should get close in quality to fully optical zooms and much better than existing digital zooms.... more

Yesterday’s NFL football playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings was the 3rd coldest game in NFL history, as temperatures were -6 F with a wind chill of -25 F. It was so cold that camera batteries weren’t performing well and had to be warmed up on the sidelines.

It's -6 at the stadium with a -25 wind chill. It's officially the coldest game in... more

Want to see what the Nikon D5 can do on the video front? Nikon ambassador photographer Corey Rich shot this short film titled “Inspired” using the new flagship DSLR. The video “... more

Some people can’t get enough of having their photos taken. Photographer Mikal Theimer‘s girlfriend is the opposite. She’s extremely camera shy, so it’s difficult for Theimer to get any photo of her smiling and looking into his camera.

That doesn’t stop Theimer... more

The New York Public Library has released more than 180,000 digitized items into the public domain, making them freely available for anyone to use for any purpose. These items include scans of manuscripts from well-known authors, copies of sheet music, more than 40,000 stereoscopic photographs and more than 20,000 atlases and maps.

... more

This year’s NFL championship game is Super Bowl 50, and it’ll be played on February 7th, 2016, at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California (the home of the 49ers). To celebrate what is often the most watched TV broadcast of the entire year in the United States, Sports Illustrated is spending 50... more

Photographer Emma Jean Nolan of Brisbane, Australia, recently captured and shared an unusual baby photo that’s attracting a great deal of attention. While photographing the birth of a baby boy named Harper, Nolan decided to arrange the umbilical cord so that it spelled the word... more

One of the biggest drone stories in 2015 was the unveiling of the Lily drone, a robotic device that makes shooting aerial photos and videos as easy as tossing a drone into the air. There’s no complicated piloting: AI, computer vision, and GPS help take care of everything for you.

It’s a idea that has attracted a huge amount of interest: after... more

The new Nikon D5 is available in 2 different versions: one with dual CompactFlash memory card slots, and one with dual XQD slots. Both cameras... more