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Did you know that sports and political TV commentator Keith Olbermann used to be a photographer? A number of his photos were purchased by Donruss (now known as Panini) back in 1981 for its first set of baseball cards.

Sports photographer Brad Mangin, whom... more

Getty Images is set to become the exclusive distributor of its rivals content after a deal in which Corbis Images was sold to a Chinese company that has a partnership with the Getty agency. It was announced recently that Unity Glory, an affiliate of media business Visual China Group (VCG), has bought the assets and brands of Corbis Images for an undisclosed sum. A pre-existing agreement between Unity... more

The children are always the most vulnerable but at the same time, the most resilient. Their young age makes them easy prey for sickness, abduction and trafficking and they often do not even understand why they have to leave their home. Nonetheless, these little human beings show impressive courage as they always are the first ones to regain their smiles.

This crisis too often robs them of their childhood as they are faced with the realities of the roads and being responsible for... more

Photographer ric Lafforgue has spent years traveling the world to shoot documentary photos for well-known publications. He was even given rare access to North Korea, where he shot thousands of photos showing citizens and government officials going about their daily lives.

After his 6th trip to... more

A major winter storm has been ripping through the East Coast of the United States, and many meteorologists warned of a “potentially historic blizzard” that can paralyze 1/3rd of the country.

A guy named... more

Homido mini is a new virtual reality viewer that’s designed to be a smaller and sleeker alternative to Google Cardboard.

The device is made of plastic, and the two halves of the eyepiece can fold up to allow the viewer to easily fit inside your pocket.

“Minis... more

Rob Spence is a filmmaker who calls himself the “Eyeborg.” After losing sight in his right eye at age 9 by incorrectly shooting a shotgun, Spence decided 26 years later to have his sightless eye removed and replaced with a digital camera.

After sharing his initial eye camera... more

Here’s a neat example of an ultra-telephoto lens being used to add a dramatic effect to a scene. For this scene from the 2011 film... more

Here’s a photo of a Pentax 645Z medium format DSLR that was sliced cleanly down the middle. Pentax was displaying this half camera at the CP+ show in Japan back in early 2015. It’s an interesting look at the guts of a camera that... more

Dutch photojournalist Teun Voeten and videographer Maaike Engels were shooting a documentary at a migrant camp in Calais, France, earlier this month when the photographer was mugged by three refugees armed with pepper spray and a knife. The attack was stopped when other migrants in the camp came to... more