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Are you excited about VR but frustrated that we don't have a clearly demarcated area in our forums for you to talk about it? You're not alone, probably. But we're pleased to announce that your nightmare is over, with the launch of our dedicated VR and action cameras forum!

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Photographer Murad Osmann’s wildly popular “Follow Me” project features photos of his girlfriend leading him by the hand to exotic locations around the world. Now some folks over in Taiwan are parodying the style with a strange new meme called “Hold My Head.”

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Sony first announced its new Xperia X line of smartphones at MWC earlier this year. Now the Japanese manufacturer has added another model to the line in the shape of the Xperia XA Ultra. As the 'Ultra' moniker suggests the new device is larger than the standard XA model. The XA Ultra display measures 6 inches instead of 5 but retains the 1080p resolution and overall design. 

That said, the XA Ultra's headline feature is its front camera. It comes with a 16MP Exmor R sensor,... more

Portrait photographer James Allen Stewart wants to show you how to break the old rules of composition… with some new rules. In a recent video, he introduces two of his own rules that have helped him compose more interesting, dynamic images.

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When you focus your camera, the area around the focal distance will also be in focus. But this can fall of to blur quickly, or slowly. The acceptable amount of in focus area around what’s you are focusing on is called Depth of Field.

Depth of field can be an easy concept to understand, but practicing it isnt always straightforward. Which aperture you choose, which lens you use, what camera you are shooting with and even how close something is to your... more

A popular Taiwanese model and amateur diver died on Monday after reportedly suffering an asthma attack during an underwater photo shoot. Her death has shocked the diving community, and many are wondering if human error is to blame.

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IntroductionBig cameras. Big performance.

The Nikon D5 and Canon EOS-1D X Mark II are purpose-built machines. Firing at 12 and 14 frames per second respectively, they are designed for speed and durability to help you make sure you get the shot no matter what conditions you find yourself in. Conditions like those at the Evergreen Speedway in Monroe, Washington recently, where DPR staffers Dan Bracaglia and Carey Rose went to get some preliminary findings on the cameras' AF... more

Sony shooters took note in October when Voigtlander announced it would release three ultra-wide-angle primes for full-frame E-mount cameras. When we managed to borrow a 15mm F4.5 Super-Wide-Heliar for a few days, we handed it right over to DPR staffer and veteran landscape photographer Chris Williams. Read some quick impressions on the lens and take a look at a small selection of his images.

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Samsung has released firmware updates for the NX1 and the NX500, bringing the NX1 up to firmware version 1.41 and the NX500 to firmware version 1.12. Both updates fix a Bluetooth issue that arises when pairing the cameras with smartphones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The NX500 update changelog advises users to update the camera firmware together with the Samsung Camera Manager App.

Samsung has all but backed out of the digital camera market. Its flagship NX1 was... more

Iran has arrested 8 models for posting Instagram photos in which the women are seen not wearing headscarves. The move is part of a larger crackdown against “un-Islamic” being shared in Iran through the social network.

Women in Iran have been required by law to cover their hair in public settings since 1979,... more