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The X-Pro2 is a high-end, rangefinder-esque mirrorless camera that directly succeeds the first X-mount camera: the X-Pro1. The Pro2 is based around a 24MP APS-C sensor and a host of feature improvements in a body that very closely resembles that of its predecessor.

Fujifilm X-Pro2 features
  • 24MP X-Trans CMOS III sensor (APS-C)
  • 273 autofocus points (169 of which are phase-detect)
  • 2.36M-dot OLED/Optical hybrid viewfinder with pop-up picture-in-picture tab
  • ... more

Here’s an 8-minute video in which photographer Alexi Lubomirski shares the story of how he became a professional photographer.

After hearing discouraging stories about the industry while in school and having many doors slammed in his face, Lubomirski landed a gig as the photo... more

When talking about the right kind of lenses, there are some characteristics that people should not be buying for most photographic practices. In this post I’ll be discussing the problem with modern lenses.

Here’s a summary of what I call the... more

“Slit-scan photography,” as it’s known these days, has a long history. It is related to focal plane shutter distortion in the film era and to the rolling shutter effect in the digital age.

By extension, slit-scan photography is also associated with panoramic, photo-finish and peripheral or rollout photography.

What are rollout photographs? They are single photographs that show the front, sides and back of a subject — typically... more

To highlight human destruction of animal habitats in East Africa, photographer Nick Brandt shot giant panoramas of life-size animal prints in their former habitats. The project is titled... more

In the spring of 2014, I started a long-term photography project focused on Syrian refugee children. I traveled through Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon and photographed children who fled Syria since the war started.

I interviewed them in the presence of their parents or guardians and then photographed them both digitally and with Impossible Project instant film. The project brought me through makeshift dwellings, apartments, and refugee camps across the... more

Venus LAOWA 15mm F4 Wide Angle Macro lens
325 / $499 |

Chinese company Venus Optics (Anhui ChangGeng Optical Technology Company Ltd.) is a new lens and camera accessory manufacturer started by a group of macro photography enthusiasts who design... more

Here’s Instagram’s latest celebrity: Juji the giant dog. His owner Chris Cline is making waves by using Photoshop to turn him into a giant fluffy best friend.

Since starting his Instagram account over 2,000 photos ago, the Minnesota-based Cline... more

Todays flash market offers a wide variety of options for anyone looking to dip a toe in the off-camera flash pool. While there are plenty of things to consider while shopping for a speedlight, one factor that doesnt always receive the most attention is build quality.

Editor’s note: This teardown was conducted by one of the companies in question, so there will obviously be bias. It’s not an impartial look, but it’... more