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Coldplay just released the official music video for the song “Up&Up,” the 3rd single from the band’s new album, A Head Full of Dreams. The 4-minute video is filled with creative composites that combines footage in a way that plays with perspective.

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The Rochester Institute of Technology is about to send you on a journey through Light, Movement, Emotion, and Connection, as captured over the course of one year by the university’s 70 photojournalism students.

This powerful slideshow was put together a few weeks ago to advertise a soon-to-be launched website of RIT photojournalism students’ work, and it does a wonderful job of showcasing the breadth of beautiful editorial work the students captured in 2015. Every... more

At 1:21am on May 6, 2016, SpaceX continued its run of aerospace brilliance with a night launch of its Falcon 9 rocket, carrying its Japanese communication satellite payload to geostationary orbit.

The most spectacular portion of this event was the first successful night landing of the Falcon 9s first stage onboard their floating platform called Of Course I Still Love You. While this was not the first successful landing for SpaceX, it was the first one at sea... more

On April 3, The New York Times Magazine photography critic Teju Cole penned a piece largely dismissing the work of renown photographer... more

Gregory Crewdson is one of the best known and influential fine art photographers working today. He is currently the director of the photography department at Yale University where he received his MFA early on.

His work is internationally recognized as singularly unique for the painstaking lighting technique, which he creates with the help of very large photo crews. His most recent series is titled... more

Researchers at Stanford University want to give your drone superpowers. Okay maybe not superpowers, but they have developed a drone that can land on walls and ceilings, clinging there... more

Getty Images has launched a creative new global advertising campaign titled “Millions of Images. Endless Possibilities.” The 46-second video above shows a series of famous faces that were reconstructed entirely using various stock photo faces that aren’t of those people.

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The Google Cultural Institute, an online virtual museum with high-quality digitizations of artifacts from across the globe, recently added more than 1,000 ultra-high-resolution images of classic paintings and other artwork by Monet, Van Gogh and many others. A new robotic camera system Google has developed called 'Art Camera' has made it possible for the organization to add digitizations faster than ever before.

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How many photos did you come home with from your last professional shoot? Whether that number is several hundred or several thousand, that’s a lot of photos to cull through, and a new Artificial Intelligence software called Picturesqe thinks it can help.

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Want to see the world’s most advanced selfie stick? Check out the video above, which shows the Automated Selfie Stick.

Unlike the traditional selfie stick, which has a telescoping design that’s manually extended, this new stick auto-extends to your desired length with a simple press of a button.

The stick also features two fans that pop out from the sides, allowing you to pose for selfies while your hair is... more