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A European starling murmuration is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena on Eartheach bird reacting to its 7 closest neighbors, the whole flock an ever-shifting mix of patterns and shapes.... more

Foto Nouveau is a new watch and accessory brand that offers designs inspired by vintage and modern camera designs.

The company was founded by... more

The Lenovo Moto Z and Moto Z Force smartphones have a unique feature: they accept accessory modules, so-called Moto Mods, which attach to their back plates magnetically and via 16 connection pins. At launch, Lenovo showed the InstaShare projector, a JBL Soundboost 6 Watt speaker and a 2220 mAh battery pack, but unfortunately the previously rumored camera module did not materialize. ... more

If you’ve been using a channel mixer adjustment layer to help you properly dodge and burn portraits, listen up. You’ve been doing it wrong, and retouching expert Daniel Hagar wants to explain why.

... more

Before last week, I hadnt talked about this outside of my circle of close friends, but I can no longer afford to keep it quiet. As a woman shooting assignments around male photographers on a daily basis, I commonly feel the need to act with bravado in order to prove myself worthy around other — primarily older, primarily male — photographers.

Regardless of their experience, whether it’s a suburban dad, a hobbyist, or a press photographer,... more

Kenko Professional imaging has announced that it will officially launch a 600Ws mono-block style flash head that will be available for TTL and manual control. The Godox AD600 head will come in two versions the AD600-TTL and AD600-M, both of which will have options for Bowens S or Godox mounts for accessories. Both TTL and manual versions will be able to be triggered remotely optically or via the Godox 2.4GHz radio wireless system, while the TTL model offers remote output control from Nikon... more

Getty Images has been sued again, this time by independent press agency Zuma Press over the alleged copyright infringement of 47,048 of its sports images. According to the lawsuit, Getty Images copied the aforementioned photos in April 2016 and made them available on its own website for both selling and licensing purposes without permission. The legal claim further states that Getty... more

When you think of modern app design, clean lines, a minimal aesthetic, and a sleek interface probably comes to mind. Imagine the exact opposite of that and you’ve got... more

Prisma, a machine-learning powered photo app that applies art filters to your images, has been one of the most popular apps in recent weeks, both on Google Play and in the Apple App Store. Its makers have said they are working hard on a version for video, but they may not have not been quick enough. The brand new Artisto app is pretty much a Prisma for video. You can shoot a new video clip or... more

Behind the scenes with Canon at the Rio Olympics

As sports fans around the world get ready for the official opening of the 2016 Rio Olympics, Canon's Professional Services team are preparing too.

We spoke to Elizabeth Pratt, Director of Professional Products Marketing at Canon... more