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US-based startup Light has officially introduced its L16, a portable device packed with 16 individual cameras, ten of which capture an image at the same time at different fixed focal lengths. The resulting photograph is a composite of all the individual images combined, with a final resolution of up to 52 megapixels. An earlier prototype of this camera was shown off this past April. ... more

The iPhone 6S doesn't look too different from the iPhone 6 that it replaces, but its camera module has been significantly improved. Now offering 12MP and snappier performance, the camera on the iPhone 6S is impressively capable. We've been out and about with the new phone, taking plenty of pictures in a range of different situations. Click through to see our gallery of real-world samples

If you’ve been frustrated with Lightroom crashing on you after upgrading to the latest version through Creative Cloud, don’t worry: it’s not just you. Adobe announced yesterday that the... more

Photographer Lois Greenfield has spent the past 35 years of her photographic career exploring the idea of movement and its expressive potential in photos. She has become well known for her elegant photos of flowing photos of dancers in motion.

“My inspiration has always been... more

This simple photo is a fascinating portrait of what smartphone cameras have done to our culture. A single woman is seen enjoying the moment with just her eyes while a sea of smartphone cameras surrounds her.

The photo has been going viral over the past week, and this lady is now an Internet sensation.

After being... more

As camera drone sightings near airports continues to rise, the US government exploring new technologies that could help automatically detect and identify photographers and other drone operators who are flying illegally near airports. reports... more

Canadian photographer Eric Draht posted this short video in which photographer Fiona Forshaw... more

If you ever find yourself needing or wanting to use a newer Nikon G lens on an older Nikon film SLR camera, a little piece of string can help you do so. Since Nikon G lenses lack an aperture ring for manually adjusting aperture, the string is used to do the adjustment mechanically.

This little photo hack is... more

Have you bought or built a Google Cardboard yet for experiencing virtual reality with your phone? If so, there’s a new major app that’s now compatible. Version 2.0 of Google’s Street View app has added Google Cardboard support for viewing... more

The stealthy camera startup Light today announced a revolutionary new point-and-shoot camera that aims to transform the way we think about cameras. Called the L16, it packs 16 separate cameras across its surface that simultaneously expose photos at different focal lengths. The resulting images are combined... more