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Recently there has been a spate of very sad, and ultimately defeatist articles decrying the death of photography. We have no shortage of examples. Seriously.

In all their pain and detailed examples of how the art and business of photography have been ruined (their words), I can find little to no examples of the basic, most important reason that photographers are falling behind.

And that is: Photographers are wildly devotedly, happily, and ecstatically in... more

Photographer Kari Wehrs wanted to explore gun culture through photography, and she came up with a really interesting way of doing it. First, she took tintype portraits of gun enthusiasts; then she let them use their own portraits for target practice.

This project, as... more

As lens patents go, this one is pretty radical. Canon has filed a patent that shows the optical design for an impressive EF 28-560mm f/2.8-5.6 super zoom. No, this is not a super zoom camera, it’s a lens meant for full-frame Canon DSLRs.

The patent was spotted... more

What’s your deepest… darkest photography secret? Do you occasionally give in and shoot *shudder* Auto? Is your most popular photo taken with *shudder* an iPhone? This silly DRTV video is all about these kinds of “shocking”... more

While they aren't cameras that make headlines, one thing is for certain: entry-level interchangeable lens cameras sell by the truckload. The majority of them are stripped-down versions of their midrange siblings, with things like newer sensors, advanced autofocus systems, customizable controls and 'premium' build quality being left out. That doesn't mean that these aren't capable cameras - quite the contrary, actually.

All of these cameras - both mirrored and mirrorless - produce... more

In the not-so-distant future, finding the photo you’re looking for online may not require you to describe it or know the location or even the photographer… just as long as you can doodle something that looks like it on a scrap of paper.

Computer scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have developed a program that can do just that: take a drawing and find a photo that looks just like it. “For some types of images you want... more

This strange Raspberry Pi-powered DIY-camera isn’t really a camera at all… at least not in the traditional sense. When you press the shutter, instead of showing you the picture you just took, it shows you a similar photo from the Internet instead.

The camera is called “... more

There are only a few people alive as qualified to give photography and composition advice as Huntington Witherill. A former “artist of the year,” he studied under the great Ansel Adams and in this video he describes his approach to composing eye-catching images.... more

A veteran French photographer is facing criminal charges in France over a photo she took during the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France.

A photojournalist of over 2 decades, Maya Vidon-White was in Paris when gunmen began shooting at the Bataclan theater on... more