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Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is about to launch its very own drone, and some are speculating that it may be the first truly affordable UAV on the market.

The news of the launch came from Xiaomi itself. A post on the company forums included the banner below (we’ve edited the crop above to increase exposure a bit and show more details in the picture) alongside text advertising a live-streaming event on May 25th at 7am ET on... more

With the Hasselblad 100c 100MP back delayed by the after effects of the Japanese earthquake the company has introduced a trade-up deal for photographers who want to get their hands on the new H6D medium format body sooner rather than later. The deal allows photographers to buy the camera with the 50c 50MP back now and then trade-up without financial penalty later when the higher resolution back becomes available.

Those trading up will only have to pay the difference in recommended... more

Anthropics Technology, the makers of the PortraitPro software application, has announced a program that it claims radically simplifies and speeds up dramatic reworking of landscape images. LandscapePro offers tools for replacing skies, enhancing water and altering the direction of the light using automatic selection techniques and one-click pre-sets. The company says that users will need no prior knowledge or technical skills to use the program.

LandscapePro invites users to drag... more

At its I/O developer conference this week, Google announced a new partnership with IMAX to develop next-gen VR camera rigs for use in the film industry. These camera rigs will be different than Googles previously unveiled GoPro VR rig, but will likewise utilize the companys Jump virtual reality platform for post-processing. The cameras are being created in... more

Bill Cahill is a commercial photographer based in New York and Los Angeles who specializes in capturing liquids in motion. He was recently commissioned to shoot an ad campaign for Peet’s Coffee. The 11-minute video above offers a behind-the-scenes look at not only this specific project, but... more

Photo projects usually are planned, researched and given approval to. This one just kind of fell into my lap after a single day of shooting on a bunch of expired film on a whim at the Daytona 500.

I dug the results of that shoot, but what I really enjoyed was the process of getting back to making photographyespecially sports photographytangible. On top of that, the process of... more

Canon announced back in September 2015 that it’s building a 120-megapixel DSLR. This week, at Canon Expo in Shanghai, China, Canon is showing off the capabilities of the camera in an exhibit.

Hong Kong-based electronics site... more

One of the big pitfalls of buying a grey market camera has always been how difficult it is to get them serviced or repaired. If you buy a grey market Nikon D810 and it breaks, you’re stuck. Well… not anymore.

According to... more

If you’ve seen the RGB and CMYK color models referenced all over the place but aren’t exactly sure how they work or what the difference is between them, check out this short 2-minute video. Express Cards explains why the RGB additive color model is used in digital displays, while the... more

Ever wonder how sponsored posts on Instagram work? Reality TV personality Scott Disick’s recent Instagram goof up will give you some idea. Instead of posting a surreptitious post with the hashtag #ad hidden somewhere, he accidentally posted his sponsor’s instructions in the photo caption.

We all know that Insta-famous people are paid by brands to place products in their imagesthis is nothing new. But Disick’s mistake shoved the fact in his... more