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In this Photoshop tutorial, were going to walk through the many different ways to create this pixel dispersion fragmenting effect to make your model or object look like it is bursting into little particles and pieces.

Well look at quickly cutting out the subject of the photo (whether its a person, a car, a building, or anything,) masking to create the effect, adding elements to fake depth and give the image a 3D look, adding the spinning tornado effect (mine in this video didnt... more

News Corp. photographer Brett Costello

Another instance of robbery during the Rio Olympics has been reported, this time involving News Corp photographer Brett Costello and his bag of photography gear. The incident took place at a coffee shop in Ipanema, according to Costello's statement to The Courier Mail, where a woman distracted him while her accomplice grabbed Costello's gear bag. The thieves are said... more

The makers of the CamFi wireless DSLR controller have launched a new version of their iOS app. It now allows the user to transfer photos to Dropbox in real-time while shooting. The new feature is aimed at photojournalists who want to send images to news desks as quickly as possible but can arguably be useful in other scenarios as well.

To make the system work, photographers need a so-called MiFi, a portable... more

The IOC has a lot to worry about this Olympics: making sure the athletes are safe, making sure... more

The opening ceremony hasn’t even kicked off yet, and olympic photographers are already having a hard time in Rio. Case in point: News Corp photographer Brett Costello recently... more

In this short Q&A exchange, filmmaker Kevin Smith delivers an important message to all creative peoplebe they photographers, filmmakers, writers, or anything else. The message is this: create... more

There’s nothing as hard in photography as the thing I’m writing about today. I even don’t really know where to start. I’m just going to describe what happened.

On the 25th of May, 2016 I received a message on my phone stating that a newborn, no older than three weeks, was going to die in the next few days. The parents wanted to have a few picture of their little wonder before destiny would eventually rip their world apart.

I have... more

If you use Zenfolio to host your photography portfolio, make sure you’re aware of the company’s Easy Photo Album Design Service, which launched in May 2016 to... more

It’s your job as the photographer to make your subjects look their best, and one of the first steps to making this happen consistently is knowing how to find a person’s “good side” for portraits. It is possible, and photographer... more