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Color is one of the fundamental aspects of branding, and most major companies in the world of photography are known for using key colors in their branding.

Canon has its distinctive red, an extremely popular color that’s shared by many of its rivals as well — Leica, Sigma, Kodak, and Pentax, just to name a few. Nikon is known for yellow, Fujifilm has its green, and Olympus has its blue.

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Photographer Chia Joel (AKA idroneman) is capturing Singapore from a... more

Brian May, guitarist with the band Queen and a stereo photography enthusiast, has launched a kit that allows users to view 3D stereo pairs and virtual reality content on a smartphone for just 25 (approx. US $37). The OWL VR Smart Phone Kit is an adaptation of a traditional Victorian-style stereo viewer sold by Mays London Stereoscopic Company. Instead of inserting card-mounted stereo pairs, users fix a plate to the viewers aperture that holds the smartphone in place. May says that the device... more

Here’s a humorous video that’s making the rounds online: a guy named Mikey Grande (mikeygrande on Snapchat) visited a department store, snapped photos of various faces he found on display, applied Snapchat filters to them, printed them out at a Kodak kiosk... more

24-year-old photographer and graphic designer Paolo Pettigiani only moved to New York City two short weeks ago, but already he’s captured a captivating and fresh perspectives on the iconic Central Park that has enamored the Internet.

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In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can remove harsh highlights in portraits without affecting the shadow detail in minutes.

There are some occasions where the lighting in a shot is a little harsh in certain areas. It’s human nature for our eyes to automatically go to the brightest part of an image first. Normally though we want that to be the eyes if it’s a portrait. Sometimes there may be occasions where other areas may be so relatively... more

Photo moderation at Facebook found itself at the center of a controversy (yet again) this past weekend after the social network banned an ad photo of a plus-sized model, saying it depicts the human body, “in an undesirable manner.”

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The Canon EOS 80D is a 24MP APS-C format enthusiast DSLR, with a strong stills and video feature set. When the opportunity presented itself to build a traditional Greenland-style skin-on-frame kayak with craftsman and friend of DPR Kiliii Yuyan, DPReview editor Barnaby Britton used the EOS 80D to document the process.

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Police in Canada are using a super-telephoto camera setup to spot distracted drivers from afar and capture evidence of their misbehavior. The kit consists of a DSLR, 50mm lens, and a spotting scope.

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Lensbaby has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Lensbaby Circular 180+, a lens that attaches to a GoPro Hero's waterproof housing. The Circular 180+ has an ultra-wide 185 field-of-view and features tack sharp edge-to-edge focus, according to Lensbaby, as well as 'intense depth' and rugged construction.

The new lens is designed specifically for GoPros Hero action cameras, attaching to the waterproof housing with a mount that screws tightly into place. The lens housing is... more