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Maternity photos are often idealized, showing radiant mothers-to-be cradling their bellies in serene environments and ethereal light. Lifestyle photographer Danielle Guenther decided to shed some light on the other end of the spectrum: her new project, “... more

These are not Photoshop creations and they are not double exposures. In a world of digital manipulation, Hungarian photographer Judit Cholnoky‘s portrait series Fading Memories is a beautiful example of the power of film photography and alternative processing.

... more

There comes a moment in time when every photographer or film maker has to reach out to the expert who knows every part of their camera or lens. Whether their gear needs to be revitalized, repaired, restored, reinvented or simply serviced it is these expert technicians that work behind tools to keep you doing what you love to do.

Wayne Rogers is one of those guys who not only has an excellent sense of humour, but is able to tackle the most inconceivable faults... more

Judging by the number of rumors buzzing around the internet it seems almost certain that at least one version of the upcoming iPhone 7 will come with a dual-camera setup. Word on the street until now has been that in addition to the standard model Apple is planning to offer a premium version of the larger 'Plus' model with a dual-cam designed by Linx, an optical engineering company that was... more

360 video and virtual reality headsets have made it possible to experience situations you would never in a thousand years want to see first-hand, and high on that list is driving up to or getting steamrolled by a powerful tornado.

The two videos below offer two different but equally terrifying immersive 360 experiences. The first was captured on May 25th by a 360 camera placed directly in the path of a tornado in Abilene, Kansas by... more

It happened. Seven months after announcing the planned acquisition and one quarter ahead of schedule, Western Digital has officially acquired SanDisk, “creating a global leader in storage technology.”

In case you weren’t aware of how big of a deal this is (speaking both literally and figuratively), WD is happy to drive home the point in... more

Picturesqe is a software application thats designed to speed up the process of selecting the best image from a sequence of frames and the most successful pictures from a days shooting or a project. Load your images into the program and it applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to pick the best shots based on its own criteria and common preferences in photography.

The idea is that the program analyzes the pictures as you... more

Planetary Resources, the company behind the ARKYD Kickstarter that promised you the chance to take a ‘... more

Hard disk drive giant Western Digital has completed its acquisition of flash manufacturer SanDisk in a deal that will create a partnership that WD hopes will help it leap into the future of computer memory. The company announced plans to buy SanDisk last fall.

Western Digitals reliance on spinning disk technology in a world that is swiftly moving towards solid state drives has been a... more