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Amazon has today updated its Fire tablet line and announced three new models, the Fire HD, Fire and Fire Kids. Not only are the new models lighter and thinner than the previous generation, but with their introduction the Kindle name is dropped from the Amazon tablet lineup. Read more

Here’s a list of 23 things you’ll (probably) never hear coming out of a professional photographer’s mouth.

#1: I love it when clients re-edit my images and then share them on Facebook.

#2: No, noby all meansyou go ahead and pose yourself.

#3: Come on, weather I need a bright sunny day and NO shade!

#4: Im sorry you dont like your new hair cut in these pictures; thats totally... more

A few days ago, we shared a creepy short film titled “Follow Focus,” which told the story of a photographer’s last nature photo walk. Here’s another one with a similar theme.

The YouTube channel... more

Wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer of Rainforest Expeditions recently set up a special DSLR camera trap in the Amazon jungle in southeastern Peru. His goal was to capture some photos of rare jungle animals, but he got a lot more than he bargained for: a termite infestation in his camera.

For... more

Action camera accessory company PolarPro has announced the PowerGrip H20, the world’... more

[re-]Mixing Hollywood is a project by American photographer Antoine Temp and Senegalese photographer... more

New Zealand-based EXO Camera Equipment has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get its camera-style casing for GoPro cameras off the ground. The company hopes to produce the EXO GP-1, a metal body into which GoPro cameras can be placed, to take on a more traditional camera form. Read more

Back in June, we shared a series of photos by Joey L., who made a dangerous trip to Kurdistan to point his camera at the Kurdish guerrilla groups fighting in the Syrian civil war.

It turns out that many of the photos violate Instagram’s policies, not because they show violence or graphic scenes, but because they show members of PKK, a group that’s... more

Nikon has released firmware updates for both the D5200 and D7100 cameras,. Bth new versions of the firmware reduce horizontal line noise in videos recorded at 1280×720/60p and 1280×720/50p. In addition, firmware v. 1.03 fixes select bugs affecting both models. Read more

Snapchat has amassed hundreds of thousands of users since it launched in 2011, and it has largely stuck to its formula of simple, self-destructive photo sharing. Yesterday, the company announced... more