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Robin Moore is both a nature photographer and a conservation biologist. An amphibian specialist, he uses his skills in photography to create beautiful photos of some of the most endangered frogs on Earth, sharing those images with the world to raise awareness.

In 2010, Moore teamed up with... more

How’s this for an unlikely couple: what you see here is a heavily modified Fuji Instax Mini 10 instant camera that has a vintage 4×5 lens mounted to the front.

Bellamy Hunt over at Japan Camera Hunter reports that a... more

Kolektio is an application designed to make sharing photographic moments with friends easier than it has ever been before. The app designed for Apple iOS devices (coming soon to Android) allows users to create a ‘moment’ and then contribute snapshots to it. Kolektio wants to make sure that you are never... more

Ready for another awesome photo giveaway? We are too. Let’s do it. Today we’re giving away a $1,500 gift card to B&H, one of the biggest and baddest camera stores in the world.

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African wildlife photographer Greg du Toit captured this photo last year of a leopard out on night patrol. It’s a shot for which everything seemed to come together for Du Toit for a beautiful composition.

“My job as a wildlife photographer is multifaceted but I am most often... more

If given an old print to restore, most photographers these days would probably choose to scan it and fix the image up in Photoshop. Japanese restoration expert Murabayashi Takao uses a different technique: one that involves the magic of chemical processes. Watch and be amazed in the 10-minute video above.

The video is episode 1 of a Japanese series titled “... more

GoPro today announced the HERO+ LCD, a new low-end action camera model that aims to combine expanded features with entry-level affordability.

Like the entry-level HERO camera, the HERO+ LCD is also built directly into a waterproof... more

Leica's new Monochrom M camera brings the black-and-white-only concept up to date with the technological advantages of the latest M (Typ 240) and M-P cameras. The main changes are a switch from CCD to CMOS sensors, and thus the introduction of live view and a jump to 24MP, along with a much better rear screen. We went hands-on with the new black-and-white beauty. Read more

Camera drones can be dangerous if not handled properly. Singer Enrique Iglesias found that out the hard way yesterday during a 12,000-fan concert in Tijuana, Mexico. During one song, Iglesias decided to reach up and grab hold of a camera drone hovering above him in order to give the fans a live point-of-view shot. Things didn’t go as planned.

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After winning the FA Cup Final yesterday, star soccer player Santi Cazorla ran behind the goal, grabbed one of the remote DSLRs placed there, and used it to shoot a series of selfies with his teammates to celebrate their victory.

Still singing. The sore throat tomorrow will be worth it. Number 12.... more