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This is an older video, published back in February of 2015, but the lesson is timeless. The video’s creators call it “the one thing holding you back from compositional perfection,” and it’s this: style to the camera.

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Adobe Photoshop CC will soon offer content-aware cropping, the company has announced. The feature, as demonstrated in a video released today, will allow Photoshop users to automatically fill any white space around an adjusted photo with content that matches the original image. The tool can be used to add content (to change the aspect ratio, for example), or to fill in gaps that result from rotating or repositioning the image.

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Chinese smartphone maker ZTE has announced its latest high-end device, the Axon 7. It comes with an impressive camera specification that includes a 20MP Samsung ISOCELL sensor, fast F1.8 aperture, a sapphire glass lens front element, optical image stabilization and on-sensor phase detection autofocus. A dual-LED flash helps with illumination in dim conditions, and in video mode the camera is capable of recording footage with 4K resolution. The front camera comes with an 8MP sensor... more

Curious what film would work best in any particular situation? Or where you can send that film off to be developed? Or where to buy more film if you’re running low? If you shoot Kodak, the company’s Professional Film App can answer all of these questions and more.

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Much has been written about the Steve McCurry Photoshop scandal since we originally reported on the story earlier this month. The NPPA Ethics Committee writes that the new... more

There’s a simple, obvious power housed inside of a photograph. Even a poorly lit snapshot captured at arm’s length with a few friends squeezed uncomfortably into the frame, even it is immeasurably precious because it contains the seeds of a memory.

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Adobe announced today that the next Photoshop CC update will contain a brand new feature called Content-Aware Crop. It will let help to fill in gaps in your photos while you’re using the crop tool to rotate images or expand canvases. The 2-minute video above is a sneak peek demo at this powerful tool.

Adobe says that bringing Content-Aware technology to the Crop tool has been an oft-requested feature.

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What do you get when you mix a few nerdy, talented videographers with some exceptionally skilled racing drone pilots? An epic tie fighter/X-wing aerial battle shot using drones and Star Wars toys of course!

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In 2014, filmmaker Tom Leveritt used an ultraviolet camera to show people their skin like they’d never seen it before. Now, you can... more

When the RX10 III was revealed as the 'top secret' Sony product launch in San Francisco earlier this year, I felt a bit cynical. 'Another RX10, Sony? Really?' I cried, along with a few bored commenters. 'The last one is hardly a year old!'

Then I saw some telephoto sample images and was immediately... more