Photography News

We’re pleased to announce that the PetaPixel Photography Podcast is now available on Spotify.

The show is one of the first photography-related ones to be selected for inclusion in Spotify as it rolls out the podcasting service it launched earlier this year. For now, the show is available to mobile Spotify listeners in the US (and UK, Germany and Sweden). Just do a search for “petapixel”.

... more

Many of the short documentary films about artisan makers these days follow the same recipe — things like slow, dramatic music, close-up shots with a super shallow depth of field, and more. Photographer Patrick Kehoe decided to parody that style.

His creation is the 5-minute short film... more

Want a camera that captures point-of-view video of the happiest moments in your life? Check out the Smile Camera.

The creation of artist... more

The German light modifier company Sunbounce today announced a new product called the Tight-Fit Screen. It’s a simple reflector surface that can be stretched over an existing... more

DxOMark has put the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge through its testing, and with a score of 88 the device moves into the top spot in DxO's mobile rankings. The S7 edge and slightly smaller S7 use a 12MP sensor with on-chip phase detection and an F1.7 lens with optical image stabilization. By taking the top position in the mobile rankings, the S7 edge relegates its Galaxy S6 edge plus and the Sony Xperia Z5 to a joint number two spot.

Here’s something lighthearted that may put a smile on your face. A designer named James Fridman is amassing... more

Adobe has launched Technology Previews for Lightroom on the Web, allowing Lightroom users to test new features before they are officially rolled out. To get things started, Adobe has released a Technology Preview that introduces 'Search,' a feature that uses new image analysis technology to identify photos based on subjects. 

According to Adobe, the search function lets users search for any photograph that has been synced... more

Want the look of an 8mm film camera but the convenience of digital? Instead of using a filter app and your phone camera, you can hack together your own digital 8mm camera using Raspberry Pi.

That’s what a young filmmaker named Claire Wright and her father... more

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Bag manufacturer Tamrac has introduced a pair of water resistant backpacks designed for 'hiking and outdoor' photographers. The two Hoodoo bags are made with waxed canvas and PU-coated nylon thats intended to keep out the rain, and they come in a choice of... more