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Asus has launched three new models in its Zenfone line, out of which the Zenfone 3 Deluxe is arguably the most interesting to mobile photographers. It comes with an impressive camera spec sheet that includes a 23MP 1/2.6-inch Sony IMX 318 sensor, F2.0 aperture, 4-axis optical image stabilization, electronic video stabilization in video mode and an AF-system that... more

This past weekend marked the first birthday of Google Photos, the long-awaited standalone photo hosting and sharing service that was announced back on May 28, 2015. To celebrate the occasion, Google has some interesting facts and helpful tips for you.

In the past year, over 200 million uses have stored over 13.7 petabytes worth of photos... more

As the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah’s body is designed for speeds up to 70 mph (~113 km/h). To see what these breakneck sprinting speeds look like from a cheetah’s point of view, a zoo recently decided to strap a GoPro camera to one cheetah’s back.

The Cincinnati Zoo posted this video of a cheetah named Savanna running at full speed, both in real-time (extremely shaky footage that’s hard to watch) and in slow motion (... more

Olympus has been in the rugged camera business for a very long time, with its first model, the Stylus 720SW, released way back in 2006. Ten years later the company has made the leap to action cams. 

The TG-Tracker is a camcorder-shaped device that can capture 4K/30p and 1080/60p video as well as timelapses. The F2 lens has a whopping 204 field-of-view 'on land' and 94 degrees when you take it diving with its included... more

We've been producing more video content than ever before, including tons of content from our last year's PIX show, our ongoing series of long-form Field Tests, overviews of the latest cameras and lenses, as well beginners' technique guides and interviews. We post videos right here on our homepage when they're first uploaded, but the best way of not missing anything is to subscribe to ... more

This was taken in the deserts of Southern Utah at Snow Canyon State Park near St. George, Utah. 

 Photo: Chris Williams Exploration Photography

Background: Understanding the Process

One of the questions that I receive quite often from beginner photographers is How do I produce tack sharp images from front to back in challenging shooting conditions or in cases where the foreground fills up nearly half the... more

During the Podbrdsk Rally Legend 2016 rally car event earlier this month in the Czech Republic, driver Martin Kdr had a rollover accident while taking a turn. His onboard dash cam dropped out of the car during the accident, and it ended up capturing an unexpected shot of the car flying through the air.

... more

Lightning strikes are usually so brief that their tiny details aren’t noticed by the human eye. Capture lightning at 7,000 frames per second, however, and all kinds of crazy details emerge. That’s what you’ll see in the 45-second video above.

It was captured by Professor Ningyu Liu of the Florida Institute of Technology’s Geospace Physics Laboratory. Liu used a special camera to shoot a storm that occurred on May 20th over Melbourne, Florida. The playback... more

NASA, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Wisconsin are teaming up for the largest wildlife trail camera project ever launched. It involves blanketing the state with up to 5,000 strategically deployed, motion-sensing cameras.

The project is called... more