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A team at Sony has custom designed and 3D-printed a rig that mounts onto a tripod and can hold 12 Xperia Z5 Compact smartphones, making it possible to record 4K video simultaneously for immersive video. Stitched together in post production, the clips create some impressive 48K 360-degree footage. To test and demonstrate the setup, Sony recorded various winter sports scenes at the Rise Ski & Snowboard Festival in Les Deux Alpes.... more

Power users on Instagram have millions of followers who view and interact with their photos. They also almost certainly also have push notifications for those interactions turned off on their phones.

Why? Because the number of notifications they receive is mind-boggling.

Here’s a peek into just how crazy it is: Demy De Zeeuw is a guy who runs a soccer-oriented Instagram account called... more

365 projects. It seems that most photographers attempt one at least once. Its a massive commitment, but you can make it easier on yourself and get a lot out of it if you approach it the right way.

At the end of 2014 I made the decision to dedicate 2015 to completing one of these projects.

Before the project I wasnt shooting nearly enough and needed an excuse to throw myself into my photography and force myself to get out more.

It was exhausting at times, but... more

Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke is on a mission to bring film back, and his business card reflects that: it’s literally a strip of 35mm film that has his information displayed on it.

Clarke has been handing out the card to journalists at CES 2016, where his company just... more

Another day, another innovative solution for catching, disabling, or destroying rogue drones. If your camera drone isn’t taken down by a radio wave rifle or a drone with a giant net in the future, you now have another countermeasure to be aware of: a “Spider-Man”... more

Whats in a viewfinder? The view within a viewfinder has always been an opportunity to display additional information to the user. In this post, we’ll take a quick look at 8 film SLR and rangefinder camera viewfinders.

Canonet 19 (1961)

The Canonets viewfinder, which sported what Canon called a data center, indicates the aperture at which the selenium light meter decides the photo will be taken.

Canonet GIII QL17 (1972)

This is a fairly popular... more

Photographer Alexis Cuarezma is a master of doing rapid-fire portrait shoots of famous athletes for Sports Illustrated. When some of his shoots are limited to just 1 minute, Cuarezma uses 2 lighting... more

German flash manufacturer Metz has said that the mecablitz 44 AF-2 flash unit that it announced at the end of last year will be available immediately in the UK at a price of 179.99. The gun is an update of the 44 AF-1, and brings with it compatibility with Fuji's X-system and a built-in LED for videographers. 

Originally announced in November last year, the 44 AF-2 is designed for full frame and APS-C DSLRs, as well as a collection of mirrorless cameras. It has a maximum guide... more

Looking at a new Apple patent that has recently surfaced, it appears we might see a dual-camera setup in future iPhone generations. The design uses two camera modules, one with a wide-angle lens and another with a longer focal length. Throw some Apple software wizardry into the mix and you get yourself a smartphone zoom lens that should get close in quality to fully optical zooms and much better than existing digital zooms.... more

Yesterday’s NFL football playoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings was the 3rd coldest game in NFL history, as temperatures were -6 F with a wind chill of -25 F. It was so cold that camera batteries weren’t performing well and had to be warmed up on the sidelines.

It's -6 at the stadium with a -25 wind chill. It's officially the coldest game in... more