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Jens Lennartsson is a photographer and writer who travels the world to tell stories. In the 2.5-minute video above, he shares how he creates all of his work with what he calls “the smallest photo office in the world.”

Lennartsson’s mobile studio is about as minimalist as... more

If you want to capture 3D with your GoPro camera without dropping hundreds of dollars on an extra Hero camera and a 3D housing, then you definitely need to check out the soon-to-be-released Vitrima 3D lens.

This mirrored lens design should look familiar to anybody who has been... more

When I heard the news that my town (Glens Falls, NY ) was hosting an event called Pet Fest, I knew I had to be there. My girlfriend, Emily, suggested that we set up a pet photo booth at the event and the idea took off.

I paid my deposit to have a booth and set out to purchase all the materials I needed to make it happen. Turns out, I needed a lot of materials. The tent, the backdrop, the backdrop stand, sandbags to weigh everything down, etc.

Once I had... more

Just bought a Leica SL but can't afford to buy a Leica lens to put on it? Don't worry - German manufacturer Novoflex has just the thing for you.

The new Novoflex SL-EOS adapter allows certain Canon EF lenses and... more

Ray Soemarsono of Apertura is a wedding photographer from Southern California who has received major accolades and awards for his work. More recently, Soemarsono has been receiving attention for a different kind of photography: photos shot inside the virtual world of a video... more

GoPro broke one of its big rules to share this short documentary. It is one of the only GoPro videos you’ll ever see that isn’t shot entirely on the company’s own cameras, but once you watch it you’ll understand why.

When We Were Knights is a... more

Maternity photos are often idealized, showing radiant mothers-to-be cradling their bellies in serene environments and ethereal light. Lifestyle photographer Danielle Guenther decided to shed some light on the other end of the spectrum: her new project, “... more

These are not Photoshop creations and they are not double exposures. In a world of digital manipulation, Hungarian photographer Judit Cholnoky‘s portrait series Fading Memories is a beautiful example of the power of film photography and alternative processing.

... more

There comes a moment in time when every photographer or film maker has to reach out to the expert who knows every part of their camera or lens. Whether their gear needs to be revitalized, repaired, restored, reinvented or simply serviced it is these expert technicians that work behind tools to keep you doing what you love to do.

Wayne Rogers is one of those guys who not only has an excellent sense of humour, but is able to tackle the most inconceivable faults... more

Judging by the number of rumors buzzing around the internet it seems almost certain that at least one version of the upcoming iPhone 7 will come with a dual-camera setup. Word on the street until now has been that in addition to the standard model Apple is planning to offer a premium version of the larger 'Plus' model with a dual-cam designed by Linx, an optical engineering company that was... more