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Sports Shooter Academy recently released this 3-minute behind-the-scenes video in which Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim director of photography... more

Here at PetaPixel, we receive quite a number of review requests daily, and picking what we feel is unique and interesting can prove to be a difficult task. But when we recently got a slightly more unusual request to review custom-branded wooden boxes from a company called Woody Woodclick we had... more

Last week, RIT photography professor Willie Osterman held the 2015 RIT Photo MFA picnic in the front yard of his home in Bristol, New York. To commemorate the gathering, he pulled out a giant camera to shoot a wet plate collodion ambrotype portrait of the group.

On the other side... more

I firmly believe that photography is a powerful force for good in this world.

As reportage, it opens our eyes to tragedies we might otherwise ignore; as landscape or wildlife photography, it reveals a beauty we too often take for granted, and encourages us to treat the planet with the respect it demands; as portraiture, it reminds us that each person has uncharted and unfathomable depths to their humanity that we may never truly understand.

But there is a line. Cross it,... more

Back in July, we shared some slow-motion tests shot with... more

The DxO ONE is a clever little iPhone companion camera with a 20MP 1"-type sensor and 32mm equiv. F1.8 lens. With an integrated Lightning connector it's designed to be used while attached to an iPhone or iPad, and is an easily transported little device offering a big boost in image quality over a mobile device's integrated camera. We've put it through its paces in the field and have a full gallery of real-world samples to show for it.... more

As a photographer, videographer, and drone hobbyist, I follow with great interest all the media attention drones have received lately. Unfortunately, drone news coverage here in my country, Colombia, has been skewed towards the negative, with stories of isolated incidents like the Connecticut “Gun-Drone” and the... more

New York-based stop-motion artist Adam Pesapane, who goes by PES, has earned a great deal of attention over the past few years for his remarkable animations that are made with creativity, hard work, and still photographs from DSLRs. His viral shorts include “Fresh Guacamole,” “Western Spagetti,”, and... more

Photographer Jack Watney wanted a lightbox for years, but he lives in a small apartment and doesn’t have space to store a large, dedicated lightbox. So, he decided to build one himself using an IKEA Lack side table that... more

The 67 annual Emmy Awards will be held in Los Angeles today, recognizing excellence in the television industry over the past year, and USA TODAY photographers Robert Hanashiro and Dan MacMedan will be at the Microsoft Theater to shoot the show. The 3-minute video above offers a glimpse into what its like to cover this type of event, as Hanashiro and MacMedan discuss their approach and their spots throughout the night.

Back in February, we featured a similar video in which... more