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Sony has created what it believes is the world’s first 48K 360-degree video. The company created a special 3D-printed camera rig that uses 12 Xperia Z5 smartphones arranged in a circle. By shooting 4K with each phone and then stitching together the resulting footage, Sony was able to create 48K video that you can explore interactively.

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French politician Jean-Marie Le Pen believes that an unflattering photo of him sleeping damaged his image in a recent election, and now he’s suing the dancer that snapped and posted it.

The French magazine Public reports that the lawsuit was filed against 29-year-old professional dancer Brahim Zaibat, Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, who posted the photo of the 87-year-old Le Pen dozing off on a plane on December 12th, 2015:

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Stages” is a photo project by 65-year-old photographer... more

Phase One has published a new video featuring the XF 100MP back in use. Phase One photographer Tim Kemple put the new Sony co-developed 100MP CMOS sensor through its paces outside of the studio, soaring to great heights above a waterfall and on dusty trails in the desert of Moab, Utah.

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Dear young, aspiring artist,

It is no secret that todays society raised an eyebrow on you when you decided to pursue that degree on photography, graphic design, or whatever youre passionate about but doesnt pay well. And if you havent come to that point in life, give these words a thought.

Our generation is one of non-conformity; we are fortunate to live in a time where many have come up with unconventional business models to reinvent the wheel. From YouTubers making... more

Hasselblad has just announced the 10 winning photographers of its prestigious Masters Awards 2016 contest. The winners were selected from thousands of images by a combination of a vote that was open to the public and votes from a professional jury composed of some... more

French travelers and filmmakers Claire & Max have created this new experimental short film titled “Apparences.” They shot 4K imagery of Paris using a... more

Google’s Street View cameras have gone to the ends of the Earth, from under the sea to desolate deserts, in order to document the world in photos. The project is grand, but its latest effort is on a much smaller scale —... more

Given the utter ubiquity of photography in the USA, most Americans probably dont view photography as special. But in impoverished areas around the world, personal photos can be rare. On visits to her birthplace of Kolkata, India, Bipasha Shom frequently took portraits of people she met, and she was struck by how many people lacked access to a camera and had no family photos of her own.

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Here’s a look at how photographer Jaanus Ree recently captured some beautiful photos of windsurfers using off-camera lighting. By placing powerful flashes on the shoreline nearby, Ree was able to freeze the action and capture some remarkable shots.

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