Photography News

Peak Design is a photographic accessory company that never seems to run out of new and exciting ideas to improve the everyday lives of photographers. Recently, Peak Design announced their latest product,... more

Ricoh has launched a teaser website promoting the introduction of its Pentax full-frame DSLR in spring of 2016. The news of a full-frame K-mount camera came in February when we also got a glimpse of an early mockup at CP+. Read more

Heads up: Eugene Richards, one of the great American documentary photographers of our time, has joined Instagram. If you’re tired of staring at cats and selfies,... more

MindShift Gear has launched its new BackLight 26L Photo Daypack for pre-order, and will begin shipping it next month. The bag features a 26 liter capacity with compartments able to accommodate a 15" laptop, 10" tablet, a standard sized DSLR with up to six lenses, a flash, and two large water bottles. Read more

Back in 2002, photographer Christopher Herwig embarked on a long-distance bike ride from London, England, to St. Petersburg, Russia — a journey that spanned over 1,500 miles. The trip was also a photo ride, as Herwig challenged himself to capture one good photo per hour. As he biked through... more

We recently published an interview with motorsport photojournalist Jamey Price, who shared some insights into what it’s like to photograph top events in Formula One racing. Today, we’ll share some behind-the-scenes photos Price sent us that show what a day multiple days in the life of an F1 photographer looks like.

Price has shot nearly 20 F1 events around the... more

Back in 1974, photographer Mike Mandel traveled across the United States and photographed 134 top photographers and curators as baseball players. Mandel then used those portraits to create Baseball-Photographer Trading Cards, an unusual set of trading cards featuring big names in the industry. As you... more

The YouTube channel Found Footage Fest scoured thrift stores and purchased old modeling how-to videos from the 1980s. They then threw a bunch of the highlights together to create the 3-minute video above, a strange and strangely-awesome instructional video on how to... more

NASA has released a spectacular new photo of Pluto that was captured by its New Horizons spacecraft during the flyby on July 14th, 2015. This latest one shows a near-sunset view of the icy mountains on Pluto surface, poking up on a curved horizon.... more

There has been another tragedy involving a dangerous photo shoot on train tracks. A 16-year-old boy was struck and killed by an Amtrack train this past Monday afternoon while doing a casual photo shoot with his girlfriend.

The... more