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Yesterday we published an article examining the performance of the Pentax K-1s Pixel Shift mode when shooting waterfalls a common landscape photography subject. We found various issues, including movement artifacts and false colors. It has become clear that some of these issues (and others related to Motion Correction) are unique to Adobe Camera Raw. When this became clear, we pledged to update our article with a more detailed look at performance in other Raw converters,... more

My name is Justin Tierney, and I’m a time-lapse photographer based in Japan. The opening section of my latest time-lapse project features nocturnal Japanese cityscapes. All the shots were captured from high hotel windows or observation towers around Tokyo. In this short... more


The Nikon D5 is the company's flagship action-oriented DSLR, sporting a 20.8MP full-frame sensor, 153-point autofocus system and a full-size, double-grip chassis that is both tough as nails and exceedingly comfortable to use. Though the core build of this camera remains very similar to the D4S, the sensor and autofocus system are entirely new and - as we'd expect - designed with speed and reliability in mind.

Nikon D5 Key Specifications
  • All new Nikon-... more

In an April 2016 interview, Mark Zuckerberg told Buzzfeed News, I wouldnt be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is... more

Image sensor maker OmniVision has announced its latest product, the OV12890, a 1/2.3-inch 12MP sensor with a 1.55-micron pixel-size that has been designed with implementation in high-end smartphones in mind. OmniVision claims the new chip delivers improved sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio compared to previous generations. It also offers a 12-bit architecture that allows for faster readout speeds.

The OV12890 comes with on-sensor phase detection and built-in HDR capabilities. It... more

British ESA astronaut Tim Peake has been regularly sharing photos of Earth he’s shooting during his 6 month stay on the International Space Station. He’s often asked about the gear he uses up there, so he decided to Tweet the above photo to show everyone.

“All... more

DxO has updated its OpticsPro software to version 11. OpticsPro 11 brings improvements to one of the last generation's headline features - 'PRIME' noise reduction. DxO promises that PRIME 2016 offers improved bokeh protection and better detail retention, particularly in shadows. Processing times have decreased, and users can expect up to 4X faster performance.

A new spot-weighted option is now offered under 'DxO Smart Lighting', limiting the effects of 'Smart Lighting'... more

I was editing some images that I took last week in New York City, including some taken from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. Then I remembered that I had taken some shots of the same view from the same location, 15 years ago.

In 2001, I shot a photo with a Hasselblad 205FCC with a 110mm Planar lens (35mm equivalent to 70mm) on Fujichrome 100. The 6x6cm tranny was scanned in an Imacon Flextight scanner, resulting in a 135 megabyte file.

... more

“HoloPainting” is a newly invented technique that combines light painting, stop motion, and hyperlapse to create animated, 3D holograms consisting of pure light.

Here’s an animated GIF showing what the result can look like:

Neat, huh? The technique was created by the Vienna, Austria-based time-lapse and film production company... more

If you have both an unused rolling toolbox and an ever-growing camera gear collection that needs a better home, here’s an idea: you can convert one or more of the toolbox’s shelves into padded storage for your cameras, lenses, and accessories.

That’s what the folks over at the video hosting company... more