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This week, GoPro announced it will discontinue three of its six available action cameras and abandon the entry-level market. This follows the companys preliminary fourth quarter results revealed last month. GoPro had stated at the time that poor holiday sales would likely result in low quarterly revenue, and that it would layoff 7% of its workforce as a result.

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Matrix-style “bullet time” is usually created using an array of cameras placed all around a subject. Swiss professional skier Nicolas Vuignier has been testing a new technique that only uses a single camera: he swings his iPhone 6 camera around using a... more

If you live in a cold area and have both a passion for photography and a knack for crocheting, here’s a fun project for you: photography mittens. Carmen Jacob of Spindle Shuttle Needle has created stylish mittens that have special holes for your thumb and index finger to... more

In this video and post Ill cover 28 great features, tricks, hacks, and more of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. Some are simple, some are difficult, some are well known, and some are more like Easter eggs.

If you want to learn about multiple layer styles, layer mask tricks, whitening teeth, black and white photos, precision with the Brush tool, and a bunch more, this is the tutorial for you!

1. Quickly Whiten Teeth

Go Layer->New Adjustment Layer->Vibrance and reduce the... more

Photographer Dieter Schneider recently built a 4×5 large format camera for wet plate photography out of plywood using his Shapeoko 3 desktop CNC machine. Luckily for all of us, he also documented the entire process on camera.

“I have built large format cameras before but never with a CNC... more

Back in 2014, the foldable pop-up lightbox called the Foldio2 got over $500,000 of funding through Kickstarter to make product photos easier to shoot.

Now the company behind that lightbox,... more

When starting out in photography, a lot of beginners are confused about RAW and JPEG formats while shooting. There are plenty of explanations out there, but with us being photographers, it’s easier for us to comprehend a visual reference.

I’ve had the option of shooting RAW since my Canon 20D over 10 years ago and even though I’ve never shot JPEG since then, I never actually compared a RAW with JPEG to see the data I would’ve been losing if I let the... more

Leica has released firmware version 1.5 for the Leica T, adding Wi-Fi Direct functionality for transferring images wirelessly. After updating, Leica T owners can set up a mobile hotspot through which images are shuttled between the camera and an iOS mobile device running the Leica T app. In addition, firmware 1.5 speeds up the camera's wireless reconnection with known networks and improves... more

During a family game of hide-and-seek last year, Dan Iverson and his wife strapped a GoPro camera to their tiny toddler. They then hid themselves and watched the live stream on their phone while the toddler ran around looking for them. What resulted is the adorable 1-minute video above in which you see the world from the toddler’s point of view, and in which you can see the gears turning in the kid’s head as he thinks about where his parents could be hiding.

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