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London-based filmmaker Alicia MacDonald wrote and directed this short film titled “Otherwise Engaged.” It’s a cringeworthy piece of social satire that shows what smartphone cameras and social media have done to many of our special moments. Instead of living in the moment... more

Quintin Lake is a fine art and architectural photographer based in Cheltenham, England. He has been working on an ambitious photo project titled... more

Photographer Phoo Chan was shooting in Coyote Hills Regional Park in Fremont, California, recently when he spotted hawks doing food exchanges in midair. The photo above is a 5-shot composite showing a male Northern Harrier passing a small bird it caught to one of its three offspring.

Here... more

PhotoKeeper aims to provide photographers with safe cloud storage and easy access to their images from anywhere. While there's no shortage of websites providing free storage for photos, PhotoKeeper goes beyond the standard offerings and tailors its product to photographers. Are its features worth the price? Read review

Photographer Liam Hennessey runs a wedding photography studio in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Recently he was hired to shoot a wedding at a hotel that was extremely close to his studio. Wanting to do something unique for the couple, an ambitious idea popped into Hennessey’s head... more

Submersible action cameras are nothing new to the marketplace, but two brothers have teamed up to design a unit specifically geared at those who fish, and they are turning to KickStarter to get it funded. The unit is aptly named the... more

Photographer Arvid Larsson recently made himself a portable instant camera that’s powered by a Raspberry Pi computer camera and thermal receipt printer.

The printer is a Mini IoT that you can... more

The Pentax 645D has received yet another major drop in price. Originally retailing for $10,000 when it was introduced five years ago, this 40 MP medium format monster... more

The next time you roll your eyes at yet another photograph of two couples embracing on social media, consider this: they are more likely to remain together than a couple who doesnt plaster their love across the Internet.

Scientists Catalina L. Toma and Mina Choi of the University of Wisconsin-Madison came to that conclusion after a recent study on the association between Facebook self-presentations of coupledom and relationship longevity among college-aged dating partners.

... more

Samsung has announced the start of mass-production of its S5K3P3 image sensor for mobile devices. The new chip is 20 percent thinner than previous generations. At under 5mm thickness, the new sensor can be used in ultra-thin smartphones without creating the protruding camera modules we've seen on some of the latest Samsung Galaxy models. Read more