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The Huawei P9's camera may bear Leica's name, but the innovative dual-cam module comes from Sunny Optical Technology of China. Read more

Flash manufacturer Phottix has launched a new adapter that is designed to allow hotshoe flash units to be used with standard studio accessories, such as softboxes, umbrellas and snoots. The Cerberus consists of a universal grip that holds the flash directly in the middle of an adapter ring that can be used to attach existing studio flash accessories in the Bowens S, Elinchrom and the Phottix Transfolder softbox range. The idea is that if users already have studio light modifiers they... more

Many of us started photography quite innocently with small compact point-and-shoots, a smartphone, or a disposable film camera. The main advantage was that we didnt need to think about all the technical settings when we made imagesrather, we focused on capturing the decisive moment, the framing and composition as well as the emotional content within the frame.

However the more experienced we become in photography, we focus less on the emotional and creative... more

Mother and talented photographer Niki Boon has chosen to raise her kids totally tech free: no Netflix, no iPads, just 10 acres of coast-side property in New Zealand to explore. And she’s been capturing their unusual upbringing on camera in stunning candid photos.

... more

Lexar has launched a microSD-to-Apple Lightning reader for transferring files from a media card directly to an iPhone or iPad. The dongle works in conjunction with an iOS file management app, and is designed to make file transfers possible from other devices, whether a camera, drone, or another phone at fast speeds via a wired connection.

Users no longer need to wait until theyre back in front of their main computer at home or in the office to upload content captured on-... more

Below is a walk through of how I created ONE image for my portfolio, I will add some of the other images, but I don’t have them in my portfolio. This is because this was the start of a series of images and I had set out to come out with only one from each shoot.

The Idea

The concept started after I saw... more

The Fujifilm X70 is fixed-lens APS-C compact camera with a 16.3MP X-Trans sensor and a 18.5mm (28mm field of view equivalent) F2.8 Fujinon lens. It shares many design elements and some specifications with Fujifilm's popular X100-series, but omits their hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder - or indeed any kind of built-in viewfinder at all. Instead, the X70's user interface employs a Fujifilm first: a touchscreen. And a tilting one, at that.

What the X70 does share... more

My name is Chris Knig, a 23-years-old self-taught photographer based in The Netherlands. This story is about my one week adventure in the Italian Dolomites, in which I tried to challenge myself, not only on a photography level, but on a personal level as well.

I crawled through 2 meters deep snow, sweat so much I thought there was no water left in me, and climbed for so long that it felt like my legs left me halfway through the trip… It was all... more

It took 2 months for photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern to create his haunting short film “Alone in Paris.” That’s because it wasn’t shot at odd hours when Paris’ streets were empty… every scene was shot at 2pm on a weekday and then... more