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Like single serving coffee pods, film canisters aren’t exactly the environment’s best friend. One startup over in Italy is trying to change that. Called compagnia-imago, the company is trying to create a high-quality eco-friendly film canister that’s biodegradable, compostable... more

Design technologist Roo Williams was recently tasked with creating a better way to capture corporate employee headshots. What he came up with is a Raspberry Pi-powered mobile photo booth that’s controlled entirely through the subject’s smartphone through a special website. He... more

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of an unusual photo shoot photographer Pete Leong did last year that featured a real military bomb disposal expert and C4 explosive detonations in the background.

Leong... more

Want a lot of storage space for photos in a very tiny package? The California-based company Microdia has unveiled a new microSD card that can hold a whopping 512GB of data in a card that’s smaller than a fingernail.

The folks over at... more

We see the work of our talented readers every day when they post their images to our galleries, forums and challenges. Lately we've been showing off some of our favorite reader portfolios in a weekly showcase. If you'd like your photos to be considered for a future Readers' Showcase, just drop us a line. Read more

In any given week, the average US child will watch more than a day’s worth of TV. This subject is the focus of a new photo series by photographer... more

An Oslo musician and photographer has created a photo stitched together using 400 images, showing an entire orchestra with every instrument played by the same person. Violinist Alexander Light created the 200MP picture by shooting percussionist Heming ValebjØrg in every seat on a stage while he played the appropriate instrument for that position. Read more

Angry (and possibly drunk) neighbors aren’t the only ones attacking camera drones these days. Yesterday, a man named John Thompson took his drone to a... more

Camera drones are all the rage today, but what if you want to take your camera down into water instead of up into the air? That’s where the Seawolf comes in.

Created by the company... more

The sixth Marwell Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition is now accepting entries. This is an annual contest open to wildlife photographers residing in the UK, with a top prize that includes an eight day photography trip in Estonia via Wildlife Worldwide (valued at £1,795/$2,740). Read more